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Red Flash
Red Flash
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Anna, a 23 years old woman from earth who play at a VRMMORPG everyday since 11 years, she is one of the top player as a Magic Swordswoman. One day, she suddenly got killed by a lightning because of a mistake from God. She got reincarnated as her character in the game in another world while keeping her memory, strength and inventory.

Follow Anna's adventures where she explores the world, make news friends and protect them with her sword and magic, kill monster, start a business, gain more and more influence and slap the bad guys!

New chapter everyday!


- Female protagonist
- Overpowered protagonist from the start.
- NO romance! (maybe only a little bit)
- No status window / no level / no stats.
- It's an easy going story, it means that the protagonist won't struggle that much (work hard YES / lose pathetically NO)
- The MC mastered her power in the game, so it's not a "i'm OP but I don't understand my power" story.
- The MC won't hesitate to kill if someone try to harm her or her friends but she is a kind and gentle person toward those that she loves.
- She will build some connexions with nobles or others important persons
- A bit of business managment
- A bit of adventurer guild (not too much, and won't be repetitive)

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyIsekaiMartial ArtsSlice of Life
Adventurers Alchemy Aristocracy Beautiful Female Lead Business Management Calm Protagonist Easy Going Life Fantasy World Female Protagonist Hiding True Abilities Loli Modern Knowledge Nobles Overpowered Protagonist Protagonist Strong from the Start Transported into Another World
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