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/ Series / Shameless Transmigration: I turned everyone on!
Shameless Transmigration: I turned everyone on!
Shameless Transmigration: I turned everyone on!
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To lighten the wrath of his blackened readers, Frozen Milk was forced to transmigrate into his own novel to witness what *** he wrote.

What's this? One plothole, two plotholes... plotholes everywhere!

How do you counter a novel full of plotholes?
Of course, with constant bullshit, constant crap and constant nonsense!

It shouldn't be working but the result?


Long live holy creator Frozen Milk!

"Damn! What the hell is this?? Wasn't this supposed to be a comedy rip off? A parody? So, why are all my characters leeching onto me? Do I look like a bamboo stick to climb and eat? To stick in between your cheeks?"

"Hello? System help?"

"System is currently on holida- undergoing maintenance, host."

"%[email protected]#!"

Frozen Milk was nearing his despair. Bent, straight, bent, straight, bent, STRAIGHT!!!!

Be ready to have your brains fried, your life questioned and above all your integrity disappear!

Disclaimer: profanities and innuendos
Has elements of BL
This book is pure comedy with some serious elements, if you get offended easily, please don't read

First book in the 'Scum Series'

ActionAdventureBoys LoveComedyFantasyHaremIsekaiSlice of Life
Absent Parents Bisexual Protagonist Boy's Love Subplot Carefree Protagonist Character Growth Clingy Lover Clumsy Love Interests Cold Love Interests Comedic Undertone Level System Persistent Love Interests Reverse Harem Straight Uke Twisted Personality Unlucky Protagonist Writers
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    Status: c99

    This story has an interesting premise. Although an author transmigrating into their own novel is nothing new, the world, plot, and characters give a novel experience. There is also a progressive character development that doesn't seem too forced, although the lighthearted resolution of conflicts may seem too deus ex machina. All mixed with a fine dash (more like a whole pot) of humor, and you get this amazing story. 

    P.S. Greatly recommended for readers who are bored with dog blood and need something to cheer up their lives.

    P.P.S. F*cking hilarious. Love it

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: completed

    This novel is absolutely HILARIOUS! I love harems and this novel did not disappoint! This is the perfect novel to read if you're a fan of cliche harems and just want to laugh your ass off! I recommend this novel to anyone and everyone! You're sure to have a great read!

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: c99

    Recommended novel I absolutely loved this 🌸 I am probably going to reread this since it's so good and funny 👍

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: c44

    Hi author! I really like this and I always wait for the updates every week. It's nice to see Frozen Milk developing/changing into someone decent and only turning his trash mode on when needed. Story's pretty good up until now. Stay safe and keep up the good work!

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    1 Likes · Like
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