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/ Series / My Fiancé is Having an Affair, So I Decided to Have One Too
My Fiancé is Having an Affair, So I Decided to Have One Too
My Fiancé is Having an Affair, So I Decided to Have One Too
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“I’ll do my best to keep those bastards away from you, my lady!”

A sudden, proud proclamation from a stranger who claims to protect me from bastards in my life causes me to take an interest. A young, eager knight-in-training appears before me, a beautiful girl who is of common birth and a year below me vows to protect me from the ‘bastards’ in my life. Of course, there aren’t many who I consider a bastard... Perhaps one person.

My fiancé, the Crown Prince.

Despite being engaged, it seems he’s been too busy spending too much time with a girl who isn’t me as rumors are beginning to spread. I don’t care about him or the girl he’s been seeing, as if they’re going to be flaunting their love and affection together for others to see, then I might as well do the same as well now, right?

And I know just who to choose.
Updates will be posted CST time! (I swear I'm alive asdfghjkl)

DramaFantasyGirls LoveRomanceSchool Life
Bisexual Protagonist Calm Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Love Interest Falls in Love First Nobles Obsessive Love Slow Romance Villainess Noble Girls Yandere
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