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/ Series / Human, Where Are You Touching Me
Human, Where Are You Touching Me
Human, Where Are You Touching Me
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A cute 'straight' shou, Lee Yun Gyeong, was betrayed by his own colleague and his ship was sucked into the blackhole.

Fortunately, he is survived and saved his soldiers due to his bearing as a pure-blooded vampire. However, due to exhaustion of power, he fell from the sky and was thrown into World no.2 also known as the 'Ancient Earth' where he thought had already ceased to exist.

There he met our coffin faced Gong, Movie Emperor Han Jungsik. He loves no one but his cat!

What would happened to our Vampire Shou and Catlover Gong?

•Happy Ending

Boys LoveComedyFantasyRomanceSmut
Acting Clever Protagonist Cohabitation Protagonist Strong from the Start Vampires
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Table of Contents
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    Status: extra (5)

    Hmm, I’m actually a little lost for words... in a good way! in a good way! in a good way! Good things much be said thrice! Hehe. There are just too many I want to share but I don’t know where to start... maybe the typical gong/ shou tropes?! a bowl of vampirism, a plate of modern entertainment, a blend of abo-like marking possession with blood lost in between?! Wait! I’m not done! A twist of some interstellar-tech travelling, and of course some spicy hot poundings to tie everything together... I’m stuffed by the time I’m halfway through the meal (๑✪ᆺ✪๑) and yet I can’t drop the fork ^^/ give it a taste and join me in stuffing ourselves, after all, if you’re here reading this, no one can help you now you’ve both legs in this rabbit hole ¥... ¥ ehhhehehehhehehhh! 

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