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Isekai Life
Isekai Life
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3.5 (26 ratings)
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A Story of a Soul from Heaven forcefully Reincarnated in a Fantasy World.

Despite being wiped off of personal memories, still remembers History and General Information on Earth.

Fandom : This story is set in a altered universe of certain anime series,

Warning : a lot of Infodumps and Bad English (Seriously bad)

AdultAdventureEcchiFantasyHaremIsekaiMatureSlice of Life
Aristocracy Army Building Kingdom Building Kingdoms Male Protagonist Multiple POV Perverted Protagonist Polygamy Reincarnated into Another World Slave Harem Slaves
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      New Nulzilch
      Status: c[10] pigtails
      Dec 30, 2020

      I didn't really understand why this story had such low rating despite having an okay MC, good cheat, and good world building. It has horrible formating and grammar mistakes, but it didn't feel like deserving such low score. 

      Now I do, this story is a massive troll/sh*tpost by author.

      Author takes his sweet time creating characters and introducing beautiful girls for potential harem, but it's just a hook. Somewhere along the story he's sold to another noble by his parents, and then magically modified to be s*x toy and f**k grannies and clinically obese people. Grannies make him drink their piss and all that scat sh*t. They even made him impotent.

      And despite all that he's still chilling around, the person he was sold to still manipulates him into being a manwhore for grannies, by saying how they'll hurt his parents. They sold him for their own gain (his parents), he knows it, he suffered a lot, but he's still chill about it and infact happy being a manwhore for grannies, and love his parents. Has no plans for future revenge, anger towards his parents or the person who brainwashed him, or even self pride. He doesn't even show any trauma, or trust issues after the betrayel of his parents. This MC is almost a mockery of any MC I have ever read. 

      And why do I say what author is a troll? Because all of this is unnecessary. Church sells slaves openly in this world. You're telling me they couldn't find a random street boy and instead choose to buy a noble son to brainwash and make s*x toy out of? People would do it willingly in our world for money, and in MC world for food. But they had gone through all of this trouble for MC, and in return they even gave big poltical benefit to his father? Why do they want his so much specifically? All of this is so ridiculously ridiculous that the only explanation can that author is just a troll who put so much effort into this just to spite and troll some few 100 people online.

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