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/ Series / Penumbra
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Word Count:85,086
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    Status: chapter 9: internal dialogue

    There is a bunch of reasons why I like this story so much. It's wholesome, dramatic, makes me cry, warms my heart,... It's all around a really good story about a transgender girl coming to terms with herself while experiencing quite a unique, fantastic adventure - without even leaving her hometown.

    But what strikes me most is the (for me) still quite new concept of a person sharing her body and mind with someone else. Not in the creepy Jeckyl-Hyde way but with mutual respect for boundaries and no blackout whatsoever. Is this how plural systems experience the world?

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    Status: complete

    Now that the story is complete, I feel comfortable writing a review. I dont know what to say that wouldn't pale in comparison to such an amazing story. I laughed. I cried, I smashed that read button everytime I saw a new chapter was up. It's a story of finding oneself, of acceptance and conquering the internal struggle of being enough. This is one of the only stories that made me grin in delight and giggle aloud. But more telling is, it is now one of only 4 stories I have ever recommended to others (including cis folk cause it's that amazing). So if you're reading this and feel ambivalent about giving it a try, take the plunge. You'll fall in love immediately. And if your still reading this review, stop! Go read the story already!

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    Status: chapter 10: chicken or egg

    Oof. Chapter 10 kicked me right in the feels. Great writing. Realistic feels. Daily updates.

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