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/ Series / Innocence: Exiled Prince
Innocence: Exiled Prince
Innocence: Exiled Prince
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Victor Lawson; a son of a King. Quite a scandalous King, but over the years, he had proved his own worth to the people that he ruled not with force but with words. Yet, this story isn’t about The King. It’s about his son; a Prince in a frozen land, a noble-born with a pedigree as clear as the driven snow.

The boy had everything; wealth, title, inheritance to the whole kingdom. Everything that could make his life of lavish luxury and comfort. Or at least it was promised to him, a promise he believed because he is the only heir to his father’s crown.

Such abundance came with its own problems and restrictions. To him at least, it made daily life drowned out by the mundane and the inane obedience of others. Yet a few people make to his life, temporarily filling that void.

Hope was something he had; If only he could break this mundane loop he called life.
A harmless wish of youth, he believed at first. Or so he wanted to believe until he met a...

Fantasy World Male Protagonist Outcasts Sword Wielder
Table of Contents 39
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Table of Contents
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