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/ Series / Reborn as a Slave
Reborn as a Slave
Reborn as a Slave
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4.1 (49 ratings)
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When the main character Ken Hemdall was hit by a vehicle and killed due to an accident on God’s part he is reincarnated into another world. A world of fantasy and adventure with all sorts of fantastical creatures and magick… the only problem is that he was reincarnated into the body of a slave about to be sold at auction. (Adult content, use your own discretion in reading and discussing the contents. Do not read if you are under the age of 18.)

Author's Note:
Current release schedule: unknown (my classes are getting hard and heavy so I can't write as much. 400 level history is no joke! Early release chapters available at my website for patrons of $1/month and over. Read this and other original stories at my Also, please consider contributing at if you enjoy my work.

Artwork by Trick Sevilla contact for custom commissions $20 and up!

ActionAdultDramaFantasyIsekaiMatureSeinenSlice of Life
Abusive Characters Beastkin Cruel Characters Dark Death Depictions of Cruelty Elves Fantasy World Gladiators Goblins Harsh Training Magic Orcs Rape Reincarnated into Another World Sexual Abuse Slave Protagonist Slow Growth at Start Weak to Strong
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Table of Contents
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    Status: c52

    Well what can I say about this? Its complicated. This is quite dark novel. There is no hope for the MC to set free nor that he wants or plan it. MC has strong mind able to survive the abuse of slavery but in the same time he is spineless man who abandoned his ideals and will to be free. So gradually I happen to dislike the MC, slowly I felt distant for his continuous suffering and eventually I found  myself skipping passages of the novel to find anything, something that will make me feel  again for the MC. So far  C52 nothing happened so this is my end for this novel. I gave it 3 stars rating which is actually not a bad rating.

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    Status: reborn as a slave ch 53

    This story is not for the weak minded as abuse (in every way) is prevalent throughout. The story has a slow start, but makes you want more. I hope the author continues it

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    Status: reborn as a slave ch 42

    I can tell you now, this novel is really good. It has everything that a protagonist with a sh*tty start should have. No cheats, a sh*tty master, and a sh*tty environment. This novel has a lot of potential and I would like to continue reading it.


    Also, fun to know that his master in particular is much more of an ass than others, so much that he neglects the fact that he has an awesome slave. I guess the god that reincarnated him made sure that he doesn't slack off in hes own special way.


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    Status: c21

    It has potential, but the stories slow pace feel lacking something. Idk what it is yet, but until then, this story only have potential for me.

    *It feels like reading a diary.

    *The MC seem like lacking goal. Yes, he want to be stronger to survive. But what of the end of it?.

    Anyway, the story is good among all the other isekai in scribble hub. So recommended to read if you have spare time.

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    Status: reborn as a slave ch 13

    A little different from your standard isekai. In this story the MC is reincarnated into a sh*tty life and can't escape. Definitely darker than most but still very entertaining overall. Can't wait for more chapters!!!

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