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The Tales of the Revolution
The Tales of the Revolution
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As a scholar of science and technology, Joseph Algorith was a man who pursued his dream in unrealistic methods, using his intelligence to surpass all hurdles in this Galactic Era. He was an idealist that combined his thoughts with realism. However, unbeknownst to him in how it had happened, he had gained the opportunity to research a new system, a massive planetoid shrouded in mysteries and magic. However, to fully realize his ambition and creativity, he must save the human race of this magical world, filled with different races and monsters.

“The Heavens had forced me, so I shall propose and never will be disposed of.”
- Joseph Algorith

Basically, he is reborn with his knowledge as a scientist of the galactic era, into a new world with magic and aura powers. In this world, humans are part of the 7 major races, but two (or three) are planning to enslave them, while the others are watching on the sidelines. His plans are to develop modern weapons to strengthen the human nations (because the mages and aura users aren't immortal or have steel flesh even as they get more power to the point they can deal damage of a howitzer using special moves). Though, it doesn't mean there aren't magical armours (and other things)...

Extra: I'm not sure if romance will be in this. Depends on whether you, the readers, would like it or how I develop the story further. And there won't be an exact release schedule as I prefer my pace of writing and because I'm busy in life (school and extra activities, FML). If you find any mistakes, please remind me. Also, my writing style and the pace of the story may be slower than other stories you might have read on this website. Though I may make some revisions with the story, considering my editor's thoughts.

Also, my story has some concepts from RTW in terms of the idea of creating weapons in a magical world, however, the plot is mine. After reading, tell me, what do you think of the beginning? What do you think your rating would be?
If possible, comment down below anything that could help me improve or to express your thoughts. Lastly, please NO COPY AND PASTE!

Ps: if you have any thoughts on what cover I could use, please leave behind a way to contact the artist, unless the art is free for public use.

ActionAdventureFantasyMartial ArtsMysteryRomanceSupernatural
Beastkin Demons Elves Kingdom Building Magic Magical Technology Military Reincarnated into Another World Scientists Soul Power Souls Technological Gap Wars
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