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Isekai Shop Online
Isekai Shop Online
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Cover art draws by myself.

Raka is a freelance illustrator, who died after he was overworking.
He gave a chance to live in a different world. God asked him what skill he wanted to?
Kazuki didn't want to overpower magic or strength.
He just wanted a skill that he could still access stuff from earth because he can't live without reading another chapter of O*E P***E or A****K on T***N.
God granted him a skill to access a shopping website like A****N with the payment is a magic stone.
In the end, Kazuki still must go to become an adventure killed every monster and get every magic stone to read another chapter of the manga he loved.

I start this novel to entering Adventum Contest.
1. Town/Kingdom/Empire Building
2. Combination of Magic and Technology
Please Enjoy!

But you can relax, the story not be made for the sake of the contest. It has been a while in my mind, especially after reading Isekai Nonbiri Nouka and also, of course, slave harem in the labyrinth of the other world.

Harem mostly slaves

Btw, I re-write after some thought.

Beastkin Demi-Humans Dwarfs Elves Harem-seeking Protagonist Kingdom Building Magical Technology Male Protagonist Overpowered Protagonist Perverted Protagonist Proactive Protagonist Slave Harem Slaves
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