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/ Series / I Love Destroying Worlds’ Plot
I Love Destroying Worlds’ Plot
I Love Destroying Worlds’ Plot
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4.3 (23 ratings)
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Vague memories. Sudden unknown Death? A bizarre galaxy space and a talking moon.
Hei Anjing, our main character who is born with a high IQ, mischievous, overpowered, temperamental, lazy, and extremely beautiful.
Our Male lead have problems in the head, cruel, merciless, and black bellied.

When both the MC and ML had problems in the brain, psychopaths that bullied heavenly sons and daughters, will the world end or not?

MC: F***! How did that bastard find me again!? (escaping)
ML: My little prisoner, you owe this lord few lifetimes. Lay on the bed for me. (stalking)
MC: Bast***! You've eaten too much already. Go f*** yourself!
ML: Don't worry this lord will eat my little prisoner myself.

Author's Note:
Hi! I'm an amateur writer.
This is my first time posting a story.
Some Arcs may have similar plots to few existing novels like MDZS and such, for that I would never take credits while making sure to give the author the credits he/she deserves and inform ahead of time if I really did use the same plot but have different ending.
This story is made because I really love the novel "Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil".

Plot Holes
Grammar Mistakes
(If you have problems with these please don't read!)

Please read if you have time. Thank you!

AdventureBoys LoveDramaMatureRomanceSmut
Amnesia Beautiful Couple Clingy Lover Episodic Godly Powers Lazy Protagonist Mysterious Family Background World Hopping
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      Status: 04: prologue – in the system space...
      Aug 25, 2020

      It's interesting and mysterious in a good way. To be honest, I keep rereading it just like I reread QWTFOD. It's amazing, and I LOVE  it! 😍😍😍

      🙏Please keep updating 😚😘

      Read More

      4 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: 03: second small star – after the...
      Sep 9, 2020

      It's really interesting but sometimes I just don't understand things like why no one seems to care that the MC changes his personality all of a sudden or why he can just break the law like it's nothing.

      The plot is good even if there are some plot holes but you can simply overlook them.

      And finally I just want to say that I LOVE THE ML because he understands his mistake and reflects on it. (In Arc 3)

      Read More

      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: 03: second small star – after the...
      Nov 4, 2020

      I like the way author introduces the characters in the beginning of the arcs. 

      And I really like that MC is OP (*´ω`*)

      Waiting for updates (*・ω・*) b♪

      Read More

      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c0
      Nov 19, 2020

      Before I start the review I would like to say that this is just constructive criticism and I am not bashing anyone. Just hoping for you to improve!

      I'm more than halfway through the first star and already I have had to reread some parts within chapters because of the grammar mistakes. The plot is good, but honestly the grammar is what makes or breaks it for me. It would be nice if there was a beta reader for this, or at least an editor!

      Read More

      0 Likes · Like Permalink
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