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/ Series / A Dragon’s Curiosity
A Dragon’s Curiosity
A Dragon’s Curiosity
922.3k Views 10287 Favorites 261 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 2352 Readers
4.2 (227 ratings)
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The world of Ator is ruled by the strong. Through the cultivation of mana and aura heroes emerge and legends are born every day in the battle of civilization against the wilderness. Humans, elves and other humanoid races band together to face the threat of monsters and beasts hiding in dark places.

In the forest the child of the strongest monster race is born. Abandoned by its clan and left only with its siblings as family. Taking the seat of a ruler among other monsters was not enough for the beast and it set out to explore the world.

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ActionAdventureFantasyMartial ArtsRomance
Adventurers Alchemy Appearance Changes Beast Companions Bloodlines Crafting Dragons Fantasy World Female Protagonist Magic Monsters R-15
Table of Contents 261
Reviews 12
Table of Contents
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    Status: c57

    The story of a dragon that isn't a dragon. If you are expecting a bona fide dragon here, no, you will only find a human. Human both inside and outside really. Just writing this so people expecting a bona fide dragon won't be disappointed. Some would think this makes the MC more special, and from the novel worlds point of view, I bet it does! But for me as a reader, it makes it boring instead. I came to read about a monster, not a human. Every frikin monster novel seems to love to turn their monster mc's into human both inside and out. I just don't get the point tbh...

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    Status: chapter 151: anger is one letter...

    Well, what to say. I find the story quite average, and while I enjoyed the beginning has it become by now a chore to read.

    The grammar and the use of the language are fine with some mistakes here and there. Its no masterpiece but fine overall.

    My problem lies with the story itself and its presentation, mostly 2 weaknesses. 

    One is inconsistency. Throughout the story are elements which are not consistent, like conversations that later never happened. Or information a charakter had, but later on somehow not anymore. 

    The other one is the constant faceslapping. No matter where our protag goes, there is always someone who doesnt recognize her, wants to take advantage of her and gets beaten by her in the progress. Its fine to do that from time to time, but reading about it in nearly every 5th chapter just gets annoying. 


    I dont even understand how these other nobels cant recognize her, she has regular public appearances at the court, she is a dukes daughter and a scarf is no mask. It should never obstruct enough of her features to make her unrecognisable. 


    Oh, and she is a Mary Sue. Can do anything and is loved by everyone she doenst try her best to piss off.

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    Status: chapter 63: taking a dive

    It started very well; It was an interesting concept to see a novel from the point of a dragon from its birth but quickly and literally humanized the creature and it became another novel of wish fulfillment, from there things began to fall deeply and did not have the same desire to Continue reading since the MC (Mary Sue) can do everything right despite having almost no common sense and if you make a mistake there are no consequences.

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    8 Likes · Like

    from chapter 12 and on it turns from a story about a dragon to a wish-fulfillment story and it's just stupid


    around chapter 12 the MC gets injured and meets some random (dude forgot his name) and a week later he dies, the MC also says that she only has seen him once or twice... can you guess what the MC does.... she makes a promise to the goddess of death that she won't leave the area of his death and will stay with the dude that MC met a week ago over going back to the siblings MC has been with for years. the story is cancer after this


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    2 Likes · Like

    I’ll have to disagree. It’s not a wish fulfillment. It’s a fresh story.

    But honestly I had no idea what’s going on that I just dropped it somewhere along the way. I can’t help but question the writing quality but I’m not sure, I’m not judging this or giving it a rating, I’ll leave it to someone else to properly review this

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    Status: chapter 4: looking for followers

    An untagged cultivation story that misleadingly isn't really a monster evolution story. Frustratingly, it's barily a monster story. Monsters are just psudo-humans that have a chance of not getting past the baby stage. Nothing distict either, humans cultivate with manuals and monsters cultivate with good food and a nights rest.

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    Status: chapter 224: combat standard

    Other than a few times where the wrong name is used and the wrong number is said the story is overall amazing.

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    Status: chapter 242: struggle to survive

    Small criticism from France (so sorry for my English) :- If the beginning is nice, with the siblings, I find that things get messed up a bit with the transformation. The transformation only changes the form, yet the MC also adopts human traits (first blood for example).- From a moment the monster part of the MC hardly has the slightest interest, except justifying its overkill or its talent.- The feeling that the story is too complicated for what it is.


    Typically, why is the Dragon God raising the MC like this? No reason, it's just to have a human context.

    In short, it can be read. But already should not expect an MC with a lot of monstrous traits (other than her talent) and really should not expect a rapid (or just normal) evolution of the story.

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    Status: chapter 232:

    Very good story, world building and good chara dev.

    minor incoherence on two divinities (and like they interact A LOT OF TIME, the incoherence go to a critical mass) be warned

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    Status: c165

    Been following a dragon's curiosity a long time now, and I feel it is quite a strong webnovel in the reincarnation genre. 

    I would definitely say it is among the better novels on this site, so 4.3 seems low for its relative rating...

    Warning: At the same time, don't go into this novel thinking it's about a dragon. It's easy to see how some readers could be disappointed if that's what they were looking for. There's some great dragon depictions at the start, which don't remain typical of the story. This novel is about a young girl, who is only beginning to understand the society she found herself in, with OP draconic heritage, doing your normal school/adventure fantasy stuff.

    What you can expect, are some interesting characters, D&D type adventure, some skills and fantasy world building. The subtext and politics are pretty good, with a fair amount going on both in the forefront and background. It's also pretty strong on including drama and interactions in with the typical shonen adventure fighting stuff, which is what I look for in novels.

    Thanks for sticking to A Dragon's Curiosity all these years Chunwa! Looking forward to catching the latest 100 chapters sometime over the winter when I have some time to devote to reading your work again!

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