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/ Series / Fairy Tail´s Half Dragons
Fairy Tail´s Half Dragons
Fairy Tail´s Half Dragons
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4.6 (35 ratings)
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400 years ago, it was the age of dragons. However, the dragons were devided in their opinion over humanity. One side saw them as nothing more than food, while the other side wanted to live in peace with them. In the end it came to war, a war that would decide the fate of humanity and dragons as well. And in this war, two children, born from the union of man and dragon, would play a significant role in the hope of humanity, for they helped in the creation of mages that could fight and kill dragons, the dragon slayers. These two were Zeldaris and Aversia, the only two half dragons that ever existed.
This is my first time writing and english is not my main language and also not my best language.
Cover is not mine.
Fairy Tail does not belong to me and belongs to Hiro Mashima.

ActionComedyFanfictionFantasyHaremRomanceSlice of Life
Fairy Tail
Beautiful Female Lead Blacksmith Childhood Friends Death of Loved Ones Dragon Slayers Dragons Fantasy World Humanoid Protagonist Magic Slow Romance Sword And Magic Time Skip Time Travel
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Table of Contents
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    Its quite good, better than 90% of the other fanfictions here at least. But I find it odd that there are no reviews and this has barely 50k views in over 1 year

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