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/ Series / Fairy Tails Half Dragons
Fairy Tails Half Dragons
Fairy Tails Half Dragons
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4.8 (14 ratings)
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Follow the story of Zeldairs and Aversia, the two half dragons that had their draconic side sealed away, because it was in a never ending war with their human side. They need to become stronger in order to gain control over both sides. Join their journey as they try to gain control, while being pulled into all sorts of problems and situations with the famous Wizardguild Fairy Tail.
This is my first time writing and english is not my main language and also not my best language.
Cover is not mine.
Fairy Tail does not belong to me and belongs to Hiro Mashima.

ActionComedyFanfictionFantasyHaremRomanceSlice of Life
Fairy Tail
Beautiful Female Lead Blacksmith Childhood Friends Death of Loved Ones Dragon Slayers Dragons Fantasy World Humanoid Protagonist Magic Slow Romance Sword And Magic Time Skip Time Travel
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Table of Contents
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