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/ Series / Don’t Sneeze
Don’t Sneeze
Don’t Sneeze
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Hazel Sparks Smith is a witch, kind of.
Well one is training. She can sneeze out supernatural Creatures. However, she isn't very good at remembering spells or even casting them. She can't fly a broom stick, doesn't even have her magical partner yet.

Fliss Academy a school for the supernatural.
Lucky for Hazel she get a full scholarship. Because of her crazy old grandmother, who just so happens to be one of the greatest witches to ever live.

Let's just hope Hazel can live up too the hype.

Academy Beautiful Female Lead Character Growth Dragons Elemental Magic Eye Powers Fairies Familiars Fantasy Creatures Hidden Abilities Human-Nonhuman Relationship Hunters Slow Growth at Start Weak Protagonist Weak to Strong Werebeasts Witches Wizards
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