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The Soulslinger Chronicles
The Soulslinger Chronicles
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"Cowboys With Superpowers"

'The Soulslinger Chronicles' is an ongoing fantasy-western series which started as an entry to the r/RedditSerials Publishing Derby. Since then, it has blossomed from stand-alone story to full-blown series, with the suggested reading order as follows:

1. Prequel Book - "Skullsinger" - Buy Now on Amazon!
2. Main Series Book #1 - "Curseweaver"
3. Prequel Book - Title TBA
4. Main Series Book #2 - "Soultearer"
5. Prequel Book - Title TBA
6. Main Series Book #3 - "Worldmender"

Read on for blurbs/summaries...



It’s not every day that a vengeful god lays claim to your soul.

In fact, when Emlyn Graves woke up that morning, he thought he’d be doing what he always did: working the land, drinking at the inn, and warding off the agents of the tyrannical local baron.

But now that his soul has been corrupted by his new dark master, Emlyn must use his god’s gifts to survive. Otherwise, he is destined for an afterlife reserved for only the most evil that mankind has to offer.

Emlyn’s choice is simple: embrace an eternity of infernal torment, or become the worst kind of hero imaginable. There’s only one sane choice… isn’t there?



Magical powers are all well and good—but they certainly paint a target on your back.

When Abby Palmer is wrenched from her reality and pushed into the world of the Acolytes, she soon realises that certain factions of this world want her head on a spike.

Using only her wits and new-found powers, Abby must evade the vessels of a mysterious Order, or face torture like mere mortals could never imagine.

But there are other players in this great game. Amongst them: the mysterious Skullsinger, who wants nothing more than peace, and Mathis Laurent, a conman who has risen above his station.

These three pawns in the games of the Gods could be the key to saving not just one reality—but two.

Adventurers Antihero Protagonist Caring Protagonist Curses Demon Lord Evil Gods Godly Powers Magic Soul Power
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