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The Tyrant Duchess
The Tyrant Duchess
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4.5 (156 ratings)
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She was not stabbed by a knife or hit by a truck. To be precise, she’s not dead. She was safe and sound, and there wasn’t a single strange thing before she woke up into a fantasy world.

Then, why did she suddenly wake up in a new body and world?

Celine was a 23 years old girl college student who had a passionate, energetic, and courageous personality. However, after she transmigrated into the weird fantasy world, she lived in the body of a 15 years old girl who was known as a timid, pure, and innocent girl, which was the opposite of Celine’s true demeanor.

Living the new life as a daughter of Duke Kacper, Celine needed to face her weird family and the mystery of her transmigration, leading her as the Tyrant from the Kacper Dukedom.

What happened to the previous Selena? Will Celine find out about the reason why she transmigrated? And—

After she figured out everything, will Celine come back to her original world?l

Follow her journey to solve the mystery of her sudden transmigration that will lead her to be a Tyrant, and deal with the 'Dark Beings'.

Story and Cover by SushirollW.

~ I would appreciate it if you give your feedback or reviews because I would make some mistakes since I don't hire any proofreader and English isn't my first language.

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyIsekaiMartial ArtsMysteryRomanceTragedy
Aristocracy Beautiful Female Lead Bloodlines Demons Empires Family Conflict Fantasy World Fearless Protagonist Female Protagonist Friendship Kingdoms Loyal Subordinates Nobles Politics R-15 Reincarnated into Another World Strong to Stronger Sword And Magic Tomboyish Female Lead Transmigration Wars
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      Status: s1 – chapter 19: secret party.
      Dec 1, 2020

      To be brief, this story has good characters, a lot of mystery, and plenty of politics. However, its not 5 stars solely because the grammar is... not the best. It can make conversations hard to follow and can make the story confusing to read at some points. However, you can still usually figure out whats going on without THAT much trouble, so I still would say its worth reading. An editor or something making the story flow more naturally and making it easier to understand would help greatly though.

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      11 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: season 1 – chapter 9 | usual tuesday?
      Aug 21, 2020

      Hello, I'm not sure how I supposed to write a review, but I will just write my honest opinion.

      Well, I was reading your story without an account before, and I made one to be able to rate and like as I really like the story! The way you tell the story is fun, enjoyable and the word choice is cool!

      I really look forward for the next chapter!

      Xie xie🙂

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      10 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: s1 – chapter 10: slowly but sure
      Aug 24, 2020

      Well, here I go.

      The way you explain your story is simple and still enjoyable. I could see if the storyline seems pretty slow. Maybe you could decrease the dialog and explain more about the world where the MC lives. 

      So far, I enjoy your story. Btw, you're very good at making the reader curious about the story.

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      8 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: s1 – chapter 15: first journey (2)
      Nov 7, 2020

      Just binge read this story although it's on hiatus since the rating is quite good...

      And after reading all the chapter, I kinda regret it... because I NEED TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER!!!

      I was drowned by the story because of how funny and refreshing this story is.

      The conversation and the way the author tell the story is really fun to read. There are not so many world buildings which makes this story is not boring. 

      And the author also spread so many spoiler in the comment section which makes me even more wondering what will happen next. It was a mistake to read the comments


      the author is quite cruel because they force you to re-read the previous chapter and remember all the hints they spread.


      What I like the most about this story is, the mystery itself. I like reading mystery story, but this story is packed in a very fun way which makes me almost forget if this a mystery story. I even re-read the previous chapter to make sure if it's connected or not, and yes it's connected!

      Well, I actually wrote this review to push the author to post a new chapter👍

      Read More

      7 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: side story 1 : the shadow prince
      Aug 20, 2020

      Hello writer, I hope everything is at peace there, I want to praise your story which was a very fun reading, I'm looking forward to the next chapters with a lot of enthusiasm.

      Keep up the good work.

      A hug from Brazil.

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      7 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: side story: first encounter❤
      Mar 8, 2021

      Coming from Novelupdates as I accidentally saw this novel. 

      I give 5 starts because I like the story, mystery, the characters and their background, and the conflict. I might too early in giving review, but I can't help it. 

      I thought this story is a light story with only soft conflicts, but the more you read, everything is connected and getting deeper. 

      At early chapters, I was about to drop this story, but my curiosity keep telling me to continue. Well now, I can't wait to read the next chapter.

      The grammar maybe isn't the best, but I actually kind of like the writing style. A bit editing would help.

      This is not your kind of 'Show don't tell' novel, but this story is worth to read.

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      6 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: s1 – chapter 22: after the game
      Jan 7, 2021

      This novel has a potential to grow. At first, I thought the story would be like most of isekai story. But honestly, this story is a bit different.

      At the first chapters, from chapter 1 until (around) chapter 5, I thought the story would be boring and so usual. But I guess wrong... So many things are happening and really different from my guesses. And one thing that I like about this story is, the main character is so logic. Not too overpower, buffed or etc, she just thinks logic and make sense if you are the one who suddenly transmigrated into another world, which is I like it.

      This story is a slow-paced story, but I could see... very slow?

      Despite of a lot things happens, which made me kind of feel bad to the MC, this story has a good structure. The mysteries, and also some political matters in the future.

      The grammar could be improved, but I could still enjoy this story. A bit of editing would help.

      overall, I give 4.7/5

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      6 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c0
      Jan 29, 2021

      Ill just give my opinion here. This is def not worth 5 stars. Sure the female lead is more logical than the bimbo "villains" in some professional korean and japanese stories. But ofc this is clearly an amateur's work, the grammar is awful. But perhaps english isnt a first language of the author. Sometimes, the author would force scenes in to make the FL seem more "badass" like randomly beating up people. Most charecters are ofc 2D, not very developed and follow the standard protocol that these cliche Villainess noble stories do.

      Read if you arent looking for anything too deep

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
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