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/ Series / Am I Lewd Enough?
Am I Lewd Enough?
Am I Lewd Enough?
651.1k Views 6804 Favorites 107 Chapters 2 Chapters/Week 2300 Readers
4.1 (115 ratings)
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Arthur finds himself being reincarnated into an erotic, fantasy game called [Oriana] and not to mention, he had reincarnated into a thick femboy called Willow?!

How is he going to navigate through the gore, the lores and more importantly, evade the erotic content of the game where 90% of the characters want to fuck him to death? Guess he'll have to big brain this shit.


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AdultAdventureEcchiFantasyGender BenderHaremIsekaiMartial ArtsMature
Beastkin Cute Protagonist Evolution Fantasy World Futanari Game Elements Manipulative Characters Monster Girls Nudity Obsessive Love Orcs Overprotective Siblings Possessive Characters R-18 Rape Reincarnated into a Game World Reincarnated into Another World Reincarnation Reverse Rape Sexual Cultivation Technique Succubus Transmigration Trap Weak to Strong Yandere
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Table of Contents
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    I say it's pretty good for most people who have some "certain" kinks.

    The plots pretty good and is thoroughly planned from what I could tell.

    Overall 5 stars for me.

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    Status: chapter lvi: the finality (3)

    this book is like highschool dxd in that there's smut, but there's also a proper story that doesn't just devolve into smut every 2 chapters. The story is well thought out and properly executed in a way that makes you come back for more, it's to the point where the smut is basically like side-chapters that have only slight impact on the story itself, which deserves praise as it means that you can understand what's happening for the most part even with skipping the smut, but the smut still has significance in that it allows certain characters to be introduced in unique ways or seen in a light they wouldn't otherwise be seen in.

    basically if you're looking for pure fap material, you're probably best going somewhere else but if you're looking for a good story that you can fap to every now and again, then you've come to the right place.

    come for the futa and trap porn, stay for the story.

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    Status: chapter l:to become a...

    Love traps so the story was interesting from bringing but stayed for the development the MC gets.

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