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/ Series / (Former) Boy Problems
(Former) Boy Problems
(Former) Boy Problems
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4.8 (51 ratings)
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All Andy wanted to do was play video games and ignore his roommate. Now this former boy has to grapple with their gender identity, family, and magic. Can she cope with her changes in order to find help and reverse the curse? And more importantly will she even want to?

ComedyDramaGender BenderGirls LoveRomance
Appearance Changes Arrogant Characters Awkward Protagonist Charismatic Protagonist College/University Curses Depression Drugs Family Conflict Identity Crisis Magic Male to Female Masturbation Modern Fantasy Quirky Characters Transgender
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      Status: c0
      Jan 2, 2021

      I have to agree with DetectiveRed's review and say that this story has a very strong authorial voice. I don't think the stream-of-consciousness style is for everyone but it kind of reminds me of Imogen Binnie's writing style (author of Nevada, among other things), which isn't really a bad thing to be reminiscent of, considering. Anyway, yeah, as an old tran I feel jaded about a lot of online trans lit on sites like this/FM/TGST cause I don't think enough of the wish fulfillment stuff (which sure is most of it) really allows itself to have fun but this is a gem. It's the rare funny story that manages to effectively play with online trans fic tropes while still pulling out a lot of real emotions (another reason it reminds me of Binnie's writing). Thumbsupemoji

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      Status: --
      Sep 22, 2020

      Everything in this story is just fun. Emotional, adorable, fun. It's a blast to read. The main character's voice really sells that she is a real person, that this is a thing she is going through and her friends only accentuate that by bouncing off each other with fun dynamics. Even with all the fun, the sweet dynamics, it can still gut punch you with emotions and make you hurt. You wont regret reading this

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      Status: c0
      Oct 13, 2020

      The story itself might've been interesting, but the style... It felt like some very anxious teenage girl's chaotic mess of raw thoughts put into writing. Which may have been the goal. But it was so uncomfortable to read it felt like an endless sea of tiny needless poking into my brain. I couldn't even follow what was going half of the time. I rarely want to pound someone's head because of their stupidity, but this is defintely one of those cases. There are times when you want to say 'shhh it's okay' to the MC and times when you want to slap their face and yell at them. I think the author should've eased the chaotic onslaught just a bit. A little description here and there spiced up by the inner dialogue.

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