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/ Series / The Cloud Over The Leaf
The Cloud Over The Leaf
The Cloud Over The Leaf
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4.5 (125 ratings)
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A spirit woke up in vast darkness, only to meet a strange entity.
"Lucky you! A second chance to live has arrived!"
Shortly after, he finds himself in the world of Naruto.
First novel, I'll do my best to entertain.

ActionAdventureFanfictionIsekaiMartial ArtsMatureSlice of Life
Age Progression Conditional Power Family Flashbacks Friendship Genius Protagonist Ninjas Spirits Weak to Strong
Table of Contents 94
Reviews 8
Table of Contents
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    Status: c30

    Despite its overuse, I really enjoy the isekai genre, and I really enjoy the genre when it is combined with fanfiction. This novel is kind of that, however, I would have to say that this is isekai in perhaps the absolute lightest term possible, if at all. The MC is not the typical isekai MC as he does not retain any memories of his past life, meaning he has no knowledge of the Naruto universe. His 'other half' (Akumu) does, but he is not the MC/main focal point of the story and is more interested in protecting the MC than anything else. Though this is unique in terms of isekai plot, it is actually incredibly boring and flat to me and a major let-down compared to just having the MC have all of his past knowledge including the Naruto universe instead of having it split into a more minor character. I think the MC having the foreknowledge would have made the plot more interesting, and I have been waiting for the MC and Akumu to combine together to be a 'complete' person, but it is clear that it won't happen. Heck, it would have been better for Akumu to have been the main MC and for the current MC to not have existed at all. Because the MC is basically just an NPC of this Naruto world at this point, following him as the MC just doesn't really make sense to me for what is labeled as an isekai genre.

    Other than that, the grammar is passable but has quite a few mistakes every chapter and clearly could have used an editor, but is better than average for what you will find on scribblehub.

    Enjoyable read, but ultimately falls flat.

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    21 Likes · Like
    Status: ch.72. a complex situation

    I have been reading all the naruto fanfics and think this may be the best story out of them. (On this site) it is much better than sango even if the very start was amusing. I think it is also better than parra bellum. If I were to rate it against the others that are here at the time of my review I would place it at 1st or 2nd best naruto fanfic. (On this site)

    For th guy with the 3 star review. This is the best type of isekai, everything is happening for a reason and the MC actually works hard and is not a sociopath. I dropped sango after a handful of chapters just because he was a total a as that was treating life as a dating sim. I am so glad to have this story be so original and nice. (Not something people say about most fanfics)

    good job author I look forward to more chapters.

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    4 Likes · Like
    Status: c49

    This is a good webnovel, if a little weird


    Basically he gets  reincarneted by a chaotic god who splits him into two things, one is basically the actual child that he reincarnated into, but smarter (not more knowledgeable, still a baby in that regard, but more like ability to comprehend stuff at the speed of a teen, ex. Doesn't know what a sword is) and one with all the memories but is now a Bujii (idk how to spell it) pretty cool dynamic between them

    In response to Rwvwndish, he's not just childish, the one that talks to family is literally a newborn baby, so for others reading don't think that despite being an adult that he acts like a child, it's something different. 

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    Status: c-

    this webnovel is good, I mean, the wholesomeness and the interaction between MC and other character seems cool and good. This webnovel show us a lot of wholesome content and that is a plus point. If you haven't read this webnovel. &Nbsp;you should read it. 

    oh last thing, the MC itself while he is a reincarnated person with 22 y.o knowledge, he still look childish to the family, maybe because he still wanted low-key 'bout that. Good webnovel 

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    3 Likes · Like
    Status: ch.93

    kinda wholesome, the first 50 or so chapters are like that and for some reason it kinda gives me a wish fulfillment vibe? Until then it was okay ish and kinda good, a pretty good fanfic of what if? What if naruto grew up with a family? And a good one at that point.

    now unto the bad points, there is an overused trope here mmm a lot of overused tropes actually, which makes the fights dull and boring :/ to give an example the trope of 

    "oh! But this was a clone! The real me is behind you!

    oh! But I also used a clone and the real real me is behind the real real you!"

    and so on once was good, twice was okay, thrice? Okay this is bad.

    next point the oh so terrible and strong elder sisters, same as above and worse! Author do you have a kink with submission? And submission with elder sisters? Or you just want to make the male characters meek and weak while highlighting how strong the female characters are? I wanted to give it 4 stars but the excessive trope gets annoying even more if the trope have political aspects :/, so yeah its a nice story overall but I find myself just skimming through the last 20 chapters

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    Status: ch.79. forced down time

    Pretty great fanfic. Actually feels like a different story than Naruto. Like, yes it is the the Naruto Universe but Naruto and the rest are more like background characters and not forced into the story with the MC. The Character development it also great, the MC isn't suddenly godly strong but isn't much of a coward or weakling either, so it makes him feel more than just a OC MC. The supporting cast of OC's are also well done, each with their own goals and back stories which I would 100% understand if they were actually in Naruto. The updates and chapters are also nice as it seems the author really tries to make an interesting story and cares about how it develops instead of just "Hey (MC) did this, hooray." Although recently the updates have been slower, like a week or 2 between, the author makes up for that with very lengthy chapters which are just full of filler and actually develop the plot.

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: c?

    It's been a while since I read it. It has a pretty interesting concept. However, I'm not a fan of emotional dribble. I'd rather have akumu trying to secretly get control of the main body and have him be the MC.  Akumu has lived 20+ years as a human and I doubt, even if he's now similar to, that he has the patience comparable to an immortal lump of chakra (any of the tailed beasts). 

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: ch.29.the medical experiment (pt.2)

    This has to be one of my favorite naruto fanfic that I have read. I find the idea really well written and I hope to see the author continue to write this for a long time.

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