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/ Series / Forsaken By The Righteous 《BL》
Forsaken By The Righteous 《BL》
Forsaken By The Righteous 《BL》
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What does it mean to be righteous?

Shuang Xuanyi was a disciple, the smartest one of the most prominent sect, with a bright future. He was the bright star of his generation, a perfect role model, but, the day he got kidnapped, although he was set free unharmed, was the beginning of the end for the perfect image he had worked so hard to make for himself.

Zhang Zhixiu was a timid boy and although he did a few dumb things sometimes, only wished well and only wanted the people around him to be happy. He had many friends, as he was a truly kind youngster, but it was inevitable that he would one day be on the other side of the battlefield...

The cause of their downfall? A mere spiritual root.

The sword spiritual root, if it can be called a spiritual root, was completely different from the other spiritual roots. It could not be combined with any other spiritual root and whoever had it could turn into a sword at will. They were stronger than any spiritual weapons and perfect partners to the normal cultivators.


HE, Blackened MC x Blackened ML, No 18+ scenes


Criticism is always appreciated (Plz roast me?) and if I go MIA, DMing me will probably guilt me into coming back... No schedule, but expect updates somewhere within a month of each other at least...

All art by me on Instagram

ActionAdventureBoys LoveDramaFantasyMartial Arts
Ancient Times Antihero Protagonist Betrayal Bullying Calm Protagonist Caring Protagonist Character Growth Couple Growth Cruel Characters Cultivation Dao Companion Dark Demon Lord Demonic Cultivation Technique Demons Devoted Love Interests Discrimination Enemies Become Allies Fast Cultivation Hated Protagonist Human Weapon Manly Gay Couple Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest Social Outcasts Xianxia
  1. 03 – SnakeAug 22, 2020
  2. 02 – LakeAug 15, 2020
  3. 01 – KidnappedAug 12, 2020
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