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/ Series / Not Technically Crossplay
Not Technically Crossplay
Not Technically Crossplay
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4.9 (114 ratings)
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    Status: not technically crossplay

    I'd started to read this story on another website and will happily reread it from the start here, and to completion this time, hopefully :) While I'm at it, I'm gonna transfer over this as well... https://i. imgur. com/7kVhoKi. png

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    Status: c0

    I loved it. Characters are great, and it shows some common things that happen with Trans people. Hell, I myself am like Alex, except I haven't come out to my mom yet. But over all, this is a great (if short) story that I relate to.

    (Also I meant to click 5 stars but I have phat fingies)

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    Status: finished

    This was a short but really sweet story, which I think it was supposed to be.

    The characters: great. They’re just endearing and adorable. The romance is great too. Exactly how me and my relationships go. The story wasn’t drawn out, though I will miss reading “The Adventures of Alex, the cute transgender girl, and Allie, the Alexbian Therapy friend.” I also liked how Alex dealt with her conflict, everyone in the story felt like a real person.

    Overall, a great short read. Good for an afternoon snack and read.

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