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/ Series / Rebirth of the Legion of Machines
Rebirth of the Legion of Machines
Rebirth of the Legion of Machines
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Forged in fire, blessed by blood - the Legion of Machines has never lost to enemies of flesh but once the flames of wars were extinguished the Lord of Machines' Creator no longer saw a purpose in his continued existence and so he was sealed; his consciousness wiped from his body, left to rust on the throne he once ruled from.

His army dismantled and repurposed, leaving him alone in his tomb on a throne of steel - a ruler with no subjects, a shell with no soul, a relic of a past destined to be forgotten by the annals of history, the time where it was baptised in the blood of millions and created troops from the ruins of civilisations erased; after centuries all but the legends of his exploits have been lost to time.

But, it would truly be laughable if he hadn't once considered the possibility of betrayal; the return of the Lord to his steel throne was only a matter of time...

Artificial Intelligence Cold Protagonist Confident Protagonist Confinement Cosmic Wars Humanoid Protagonist Kingdom Building Non-human Protagonist Sealed Power Wars World Invasion
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      Status: chapter 9: why?

      i realy recomend everyone reading this to give it a try

      a machine overlord with an artificial soul finaly completed the goal of his human creator only to be discarded and his soul whipped clean from its memorybanks.

      this is what I came for and it is true to its discription and title.

      the stroy is moderatly slowpaced but not in an good way sofar. The vision for the story seems sollid and already seen some good charakter development in the overlord even if it is minor.

      there also was some world building and backstory wich in my eyes seemed pretty good.

      i hope the author can continue this story to a fulfilling and proper ending

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      Status: chapter 17: Decay

      I love the setting of this book because along with it being fairly unique so far the author has done fairly well with endearing the characters with what little chapters have been written, on top of all the above things that rr4ever has pointed out both good and bad. The other reason I am exited about this book is the fact that this genre is horiblly barren with most people sticking to the default template that I myself have gotten bored of reading over and over again.

      Also note to author, your writing skills are a lot better than you give yourself credit for and with only 17 chapters to date released you have made a universe with more potential than 80% of other books I have started so far. (My main hobby is reading so that means a fair bit)

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