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Fire Burning
Fire Burning
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4.9 (21 ratings)
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Khai suppresses his fire, pretends to be who he’s not. For when people look at Khai, they see a girl named Mai. The worst is his own adoptive aunt, who would only allow him to learn healing and not combat.

After achieving his healer licence, he heads to the big city of Taesu, still pretending to be a girl, but away from his aunt’s eyes. Khai ends up meeting Quy, another young man who looks very much alike. Under Quy’s pressuring, Khai agrees to be Quy’s body-double, ““pretend”” to be a guy, and to attend Baashi University.

A university, as it turns out, that has the administration-sanctioned tradition of compulsory fighting between the students. However, Khai has more than just one secret...


Consists of a trans male main character, avatar the last airbender -esque magic/fight system.

Can also be found on AO3
and tapas


Cover drawn by bafflinghaze

ActionBoys LoveFantasy
Battle Competition Bodyguards Calm Protagonist Caring Protagonist College/University Elemental Magic Female to Male Healers Magic Male Protagonist Protagonist Strong from the Start Secret Identity Transgender
Table of Contents 12
  1. Chapter 12 [END!]Sep 3, 2020
  2. Chapter 11Sep 2, 2020
  3. Chapter 10Aug 31, 2020
  4. Chapter 9Aug 29, 2020
  5. Chapter 8Aug 27, 2020
  6. Chapter 7Aug 26, 2020
  7. Chapter 6Aug 23, 2020
  8. Chapter 5Aug 21, 2020
  9. Chapter 4Aug 18, 2020
  10. Chapter 3Aug 17, 2020
  11. Chapter 2Aug 17, 2020
  12. Chapter 1Aug 16, 2020
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      Status: completed

      I started reading this today and finished it in one sitting. It was exciting and throughout the whole thing, I was looking forward to finding out what would happen next :D. 

      The MC is frickin' great. He's strong, dependable and smart; he has issues but he's working on them, he's nice, considerate, and just a good person. He's so cool!! (≧∀≦) *Fangirls* xD

      I won't say a lot about the ML to not spoil anything but I will say that I like him. He's a good person as well, and I like his and the MC's interactions~ (´▽`)

      I generally liked the people in this story. Not everything can be perfect right from the start, but people can grow and change; and I think this story showed that well. 

      If you have read Moonpearl's review and would like a second take on the combat:


      Personally, I didn't have an issue with the fighting scenes at all. In fact, I don't actually remember much about how exactly the author did them - though I do remember a lot of the content of what happened during the fights; which means that for my slightly sleep deprived, casually reading brain to pick up that much, they couldn't have been very difficult to follow XD. Everyone has their own preferences though, so yeah. Just giving a second opinion :D

      This is a nice story, and I enjoyed reading it. The chapters are rather long, so don't be fooled by the somewhat low number of 12 - it definitely has substance to it. Read it for action, friendship, a bit of sweetness and most of all an awesome MC!! I just realized I haven't said anything about the plot and that's because I can my brain is somewhat sleep deprived rn XD. I'll just say that it's good - it's kinda exciting :D. Peace out haha~

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      Status: chapter 12 [end!]

      I’ve been debating for weeks whether to give this 4 or 5 stars, but I haven’t stopped wanting to reread this since I finished it, so anything less than a 5 would be kidding myself.

      This has all the charm of a shounen battle anime, with loyal friends won through tense fights, flashy magic, and an underdog protagonist knocking smirks off nobles’ faces. (And I do mean loyal friends. It’s unbelievably nice to see a romance story that doesn’t treat friendships as expendable goods.)

      There's no seme-uke dynamic here, but a very wholesome, equal and sweet relationship. This novel relies very little on typical BL conventions, so readers can have fun guessing who the ML will be at the start (and I won't spoil the fun).

      Khai, the protagonist, is cool with a capital C. Highly competent, intelligent, hard-working and kind-hearted, it’s hard not to swoon when he goes running into burning buildings to rescue children. I would gladly have read at least five more arcs dedicated solely to his escapades, BL be damned.

      The author has a real skill for making characters loveable, even when you want to hate them. Without giving spoilers, I can only say that the rest of the cast truly pull their weight.

      The one reason that I was considering dropping a star is that I found the battle scenes to be difficult to follow. The author uses a very short and fast writing style for these but, since everyone is performing complicated magical maneuvers, it was hard to imagine what these looked like at the pace that the action required. A slightly slower and more detailed description style would have been appreciated to let my poor brain catch up.

      However, this is nothing that reading more slowly couldn’t solve, and it didn’t detract from my enjoyment all that much.

      For those concerned that the transgender tag might indicate that this story is angsty, I would place this at a low-moderate. There's a focus on the struggle LGBT+ people face to come out of the closet when family members are trying to lock them in it, and the stigma, lack of education, and Khai's dysphoria are present in the story. However, a large focus is on the action-orientated plot and romance. I wouldn't say that this was a distressing or misery-inducing story at any stage of the game. Rather, this is a shounen-like hope-filled tale.

      Overall, this has quickly become one of my favourite novels on the site and I'm only sad that it's so short. It’s a truly refreshing BL with all the fun of a shounen anime (just with 12 episodes instead of 12 seasons).

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