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Velvet Abyss
Velvet Abyss
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Lisianthus Academy

Here is a break down of everything that is known thus far about Lisianthus Academy.   

Lore:  Lisianthus Academy is one of the four great schools of sorcery and the last one standing after the Hyogo Kingdom declared war.   Two of the academies were located in Dresden and One in Lancaster.   Of the four academies Lisianthus is the second youngest being established only a few centuries ago. 

Lisianthus Staff

Headmistress:  Weiss Lovelace the taciturn and blunt head mistress of the Academy who rules over it with an iron fist.   She is a retired soldier and considered one of the most powerful sorceresses in the empire if not all of Ascar.  Her element is Flare.  

 Offensive Arts  Instructor:  The instructor in charge of teaching students how to channel Ballum and use their magic offensively.   The current Offensive arts teacher is Azalie Cromwell known as the Reaper of Luka who uses Shadow Magic. 

Physical Arts Instructor:  Students at Lisianthus are expected to be skilled hand to hand combatants in addition to strong sorcerers.   The current Physical Arts instructor is Vali Redgrave who is known for his immense strength and skill with a blade in spite of him being born a lackless (having zero ballum)

???? Instructor:  A newly stated position taught by the enigmatic and eccentric Calliope Argento she is a master of this esoteric kind of magic.  


Class IX:  The only of class to be enrolled this year there is usually eleven classes each focused to different aspects of sorcery but due to impending threat of the Hyogo Kingdom only one class with eight students who will follow a condensed curriculum 

Mari Anno:  The only void mage in history and the empires trump card.  

Other Residents of Lisianthus.

Thales:  The schools consciousness who controls various day to day operations and reports directly to the Headmistress.  Is orderly and dislikes rudeness and vulgarity.  

Ouroboros:  A great snake creature that had infinitely regenerating heads and stood to challenge any who sought to pass the trial of the guileful serpent.  

Ruka:  The spirit of the wise Raven who has no tangible exists outside of the space in which her trial resides. 

The Child:  A Nameless child who exists to test the loyalty and selflessness of those who undetake the trial of the loyal hound. 

The Gallant Lion:  A formless entity that will manifest it's appearance based on the fears of the one undertaking the trial.  For Mari it took the form of Prince Seijuro Hyogo. 


Within the vast and mysterious world of Ascar Eisen exists as one of the only documented regions in the known world, the others being the Isle of Battia home to a vast demi human populace.

Eisen is divided into four distinct territories The Eris Empire,  The Kingdom of Dresden,  The Lancaster Alliance and The Hyogo Kingdom.  The Hyogo Kingdom has declared war and has subjugated the Lancaster Alliance and annihilated the Kingdom of Dresden giving them control of approximately 80% of the continent,

Eisen is home to a great myriad of beasts and magic with each territory following it's own religions and customs.  Though with 80% of the continent under Hyogo rule the most popular religion is the Church of Flanade which reveres the goddess Nero.

Mei Hyogo
Name:  Mei Mizuki Hyogo
Age: 23
Height: 158cm
Weight:  An mount
Hair Color:  Red
Eye Color:  Red
Occupation: Second Princess of the Hyogo Kingdom,  Supreme Leader of the Midori Squadron.
Likes: Licorice Red Tea, Her Family, Mirai,  Sex with Mirai,  Teddy Bears, Candy,  Rupturing people.
Dislikes:  The Eris Empire, Cowards, Slugs, The Flanade Church.
Class:  Calamity Class
Magic:  The Right of Rupture
Goals:  Assist her family in conquering the main continent,  Become a mother.
Sobriquets:   Demon of Hyogo,  Red Demon,  Rupture Princess.
Noble Rights

Noble Rights are form of ancient and cataclysmic magic that members of the Hyogo family are born with each right is unique and they're all exceedingly dangerous.  Nobody knows the Hyogo bloodline is blessed with such fearsome power but legend has it that the founding members of the house of Hyogo were blessed by the great goddess Nero herself

Known Noble Rights.

The Right of The Sun:  The Noble Right of Seijuro Hyogo it allows him to control light magic that is vastly stronger than regular Flare Magic.

The Right of Rupture:  The Noble Right of Mei Hyogo it allows her to rupture anything she touches, she is also able to hit her targets from a distance but little is known about how she does that at present.

The Right of Foreshadowing:   The Noble Right of the Author to foreshadow events that are yet to pass within the story.

Rulers of Ascar
The Eris Empire:

Ruling House:  House Grayfia

Current Head:  Emperor Soren Grayfia

The Kingdom of Dresden

Ruling House:  House Octavia

Current Head:  Queen Anna Octavia

The Kingdom of Hyogo

Ruling House:  House Hyogo

Current Head:  King Rokujo Hyogo

The Lancaster Alliance

Ruling Houses:  House Astrea (Appointed by Rokujo Hyogo)

Current Head:  Regulus Astrea

The Flanade Church

The Flanade church is the most widely believed and influential religious institution in all of Ascar with the arch bishop heralded as a messianic savior.   Here is the how the organization is structured,

Arch Bishop:  The Arch Bishop is the absolute authority within the church their word is law and within the halls of the church their is no greater power.  

The Elder Sisters:   Contrary to public believe the elder sisters of the church hold the second highest authority in the church outranking the bishops and answering only to the Arch Bishop.  There are always five elders no more, no less.

Bishops:  The third rung on the ladder they carry out the Arch Bishops business and are the public face of the church alongside the younger sisters.

The Sisters:  The bulk of the church they are the lifeblood of the church a lot of them are orphans and many are born into the church they're bound by strict puritanical tenants.

Demi Human Tribes

Demi-Humans otherwise known as beastkin are a species of humanoid beings that appeared thousands of years ago, they take on various animal traits and live in various tribes.    The majority of them are from the Isle of Battia which is a luscious and fertile island separated from the main continent.

Known Demi Human Tribes.

The Feris Tribe:  An ancient and proud tribe of feline demi humans they are currently governed by two noble houses.  The houses of Nekomata and Angora.   They are famous for being stubborn and prideful warriors but also notoriously lecherous and rather lazy.

The Cottontail Tribe:  A tribe with rabbit like traits they are one of two tribes with traits descending from bunnies.   Unlike the Feris tribe they're known for their expertise as merchants.   They're one of two tribes with rabbit features.

The Harlequin Tribe:  The other tribe descended from rabbits they have an embittered rivalry with the Cottontail tribe and will try to outclass them to demonstrate their superiority wherever possible.  They're also always horny.

The Elder Sisters

The Elder Sisters are the five strongest sisters in the service of the Hyogo church they are upper echelon of the church and answer only to the Arch Bishop and The King.    They are derogatorily called The Churches attack dogs by those who oppose the order.

Each sister leads of a squadron of other high level sisters and is known by Sobriquet. 

The current sisters are

Daphne The Barbaric,  Norn The Cunning,  Elena The Wise, Miriam The Unyielding and Alice The Shattered.  

They are revered by those who worship the church and greatly feared by those who are aware of their true nature.

Shikishima Village
Mari Anno - 18
Shinobu:  20
Caroline: 19
Velvet:  Primordial
Village Children:  7-12

Eris Empire

Imperial Family:
Soren Grayfia:  24
Karis Grayfia:  26

Lisianthus Academy
Weiss Lovelace:  58
Azalie Cromwell:  29
Vali Redgrave: 30
Calliope Argento:  26
Yoshiki: 40
Maya Lycoria:  25

Class IX

Lilith Galatea
Beatrice Crusch
Madoka Usagi
Drake Astrea
Aeolus Nekomata
Kaim Favre
Tyrian Fischer

The Hyogo Kingdom

Royal Family:

Rokujo Hyogo
Tetsuya Hyogo
Seijuro Hyogo
Setsuna Hyogo
Mei Hyogo
Yukina Hyogo
Shigure Hyogo
Ikki Hyogo
Mari Hyogo

Mirai:  22
Vanica: 37

The Flanade Church

Daphne The Barbaric:  25
Norn The Cunning:  21
Elena The Wise:  28
Miriam The Unyielding: 30
Alice The Shattered:  14
Kojiro:  Unknown
Bishop Schwein: 46

Sword Skill Ranks
Though magic is the most prominant form of combat in Ascar there are those who dedicate themselves to the art of the blade


>  Novice
>  Mediocre
>  Advanced  (Maya Lycoria)
>  Saint
>  King
> Emperor
> Blade Master  (Vali Redgrave,  Kojiro)
> Radiant Blade Master
> Sword God
Spell Conpendium: Void Magic

First Form Devour:  

Second Form:  

Third Form:  Sanguine Orthrus

Fourth Form:

Five Form:

Six Form:  Inanis Grieves

Seven Form:

Eight Form:

Ninth Form:

Tenth Form: 


Devils are a mysterious race of beings that wield strange and overwhelming magic almost nothing is known about their origins at this juncture.    They seem to be intangible and lacking a human form and will share the body of a willing host. 

Known Devils

Acceleration Devil:   The devil that was bound to Daphne The Barbaric and now resides within Mari thanks to her devouring spell.   This devil greatly enhanced Daphne's strength, agility and reflexes in addition to giving her the ability to control the acceleration or de acceleration of everything in  her surrounding area. 

The devil's upper ceiling is unknown as Daphne was only able to muster a supposed 40% of the Devils power and presuming that it scales to 100% less than half it's total output has been accounted for.

It is unknown how many devil's the Hyogo Kingdom has at it's disposal or what horrifying magic they have up their sleeves. 

Magic Skill Ranks (Revised)
Magic Ranks:   A sorcerer's ability is quantified measured and branded with a rank it is incredibly rare for a person to reach the  Arcane Grandmaster rank with only a few reaching those heights every generation. 

Novice:   The initial rank is often given to children and those inept at Ballum manipulation the vast majority of magic users will ascend this rank.

Beginner:   A step above the novice the caster has demonstrated competency with rudimentary magic and has begun to discover their elemental affinity. 

Intermediate:   A skilled practitioner who has mastered all the basics and has shown potential to reach higher levels,  this is the ceiling that the majority of regular people will reach, those who seek tutelage from one of the four great schools of sorcery may ascend higher. 

Advanced:   The highest level most ever sees these are people who are highly adept with magic and will have often graduated from one of the schools of sorcery they are often sought after for their skill and knowledge.

High Mage:  The pinnacle that separates those blessed with talent and those who have not High Mages are remarkably gifted sorcerers who have achieved greatness.    They're said to be worth a hundred Advanced mages. 

Arch-Mage:   The elite of the magic world the upper echelon there's only a hundred or so Arch Mages record in the world they're terrifying prowess is the thing of legend.

Grandmaster: At the top of the pyramid people spend lifetimes trying to achieve this rank a rank given only to those who have demonstrated feats that transcend the regular.   Considered monsters they are feared and respected with equal fervour.

Arcane Grandmaster:   The godly title can only be held by one sorcerer at a time the current holder of that title is Weiss Lovelace,  the Ashen Empress. 

Skill Rankings
Combat prowess in Ascar is generally divided into three distinct categories

Magus:  Ranks a persons efficacy with Ballum and is broken down into 

Novice > Beginner > Intermediate > Advanced > High Mage > Arch Mage > Grandmaster > Arcane Grandmaster. 

Jian:  Ranks a person prowess with any sort of blade, daggers and knives included.

Novice > Intermidate > Advanced > Saint > King > Emperor > Blademaster >  Bladelord 

Drachen:  Ranks a person prowess with lances and spears. 

Novice >  Intermdiate > Advance >  Wryvern > Salamander > Dragoon > Heavenly Lance >  Divine Lance.

Table of Contents 103
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Table of Contents
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    Status: up to date

    It really good story I like the characters a lot. I really think if your into dark/tragedy type story give it a go and if your not it not for you. But over I say give it a chance   

    Read More

    3 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 74: daphne

    My Rating: 5 stars!

    A very, very, very good novel. Quite dark but I’m an intriguing way. The story really gets you thinking and engaging with the character. For the first time ever, I was unable to figure out what I wanted to do. On one hand 


    I wanted Mari to kill Maya cause she deserves death. But on the other hand she doesn’t because she’s and innocent girl doing the best for her country.

    It was the first time a book has made me unable to figure out my own emotion and what I would have done in a similar scenario. Great book! Can’t wait for more! 

    P.S.: The author is very engaged with the community and is very good with regular updates. Really recommend trying out the book!

    Read More

    2 Likes · Like

    Ok, so I am giving this story four stars. The story seems intriguing so far and as far as I read, the character development of the protagonist is satisfying. The one star I deducted because of the punctuation errors. 

    Read More

    1 Likes · Like
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