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/ Series / Howling Wolf – Fearless Raven
Howling Wolf – Fearless Raven
Howling Wolf – Fearless Raven
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On the planet Orillia, an orphaned noble girl was gifted a mysterious blue crystal by her beloved great aunt. At the time a barbarous civil war ravaged her country, forcing the girl to escape from enemy pursuers. But before she fled her aunt said to her, “In your darkest time, and with a pure heart, take the stone and call forth light.”

Now hiding in her old family home, her relentless stalkers caught up to her. Terrified, she gripped the crystal tight and spoke the words. And in her darkest hour, she summoned two cold-hearted killers from Earth. A brutal mercenary called Howling Wolf and a ruthless lady assassin known as The Fearless Raven.

Together, with her two murderous bodyguards at her side, the little noble girl must uncover the secret of the blue crystal, and save her king-less land from those who wish to destroy it all. An ISEKAI by JayDirex

Assassins Bodyguards Gunfighters Mercenaries Reincarnated into Another World Sword Wielder
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