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Acacia Chronicle
Acacia Chronicle
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4.5 (22 ratings)
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Elena de L'Enfer is a Lich, an eternal, ancient and bloodless fiend. Once an elven teenager, she is an immortal sorcerer ascended from the invocation of dark magics from another era, by the blessing of gods long dead to the world. She is now, like many before her, a Vizier of the Eye in service to her enigmatic (and sometimes very whimsical) mistress, Nhaka Mezalune.

It is the duty of a Vizier of the Eye to do battle against the enemies of the Empire, be they humans, elves, or eldritch horrors far beyond even the darkest fathoms of the gods. That by her hand, the world of Melodia and the Empire of Arcadia might endure.

ActionAdventureDramaFantasyGirls LoveHorrorRomanceSlice of LifeTragedy
Antihero Protagonist Aristocracy Beautiful Couple Confident Protagonist Cruel Characters Demons Depictions of Cruelty Elves Empires Episodic European Ambience Evil Gods Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Fearless Protagonist Female Protagonist Girl's Love Subplot Gods Heartwarming Interconnected Storylines Love at First Sight Magic Master-Servant Relationship Non-linear Storytelling Righteous Protagonist
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    Status: into the dragon’s lair...
    build on concept that I interpreted as "one man's hero is another man's villain", is fantasy world that's different from others. all with its simple yet functional soft magic system. this setup is something I definitely dig for. then why 3 stars?
    ... how it actually written. it use long descriptive sentences to give readers informations. you can say it's "tell don't show" kind of novel. it give you lot of unnessary informations while nessary ones are scatter. need some effort to put them together before they can be use. I really feel like reading some kind of research paper when reading it.

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    Status: side story: affairs in an...
    • good writing (grammar, rich descriptions) ;
    • interesting setting and characters;
    • story interconnected and spans several hundred years.

    The only thing, that felt rushed in this story (spoiler) :


    I haven't understood "Side Story: Death, and the End of Dreams" - in part 3 Athena and Caliph have some problems, but still together. In part 4 30 years later Athena already is a Wight. What happened?


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