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2nd Chance
2nd Chance
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This is my first time writing a story, but feel free to criticize the hell out of me for my writing.

Anyways, to give you a quick idea of what the story is all about, the original title of this novel was supposed to be "The Yankee in Another World" but when I thought about writing that in the cover I immediately thought 'HELL NAW' and went with a different one and I feel like the new title captures the essence of this story more. because although it's categorized as an Isekai, the story is more focused on redemption rather than the Isekai fantasy stuff. It also takes a while until it gets to the isekai stuff.

Hopefully, I'll be able to update this synopsis once I thought of one. Oh, and all illustrations in the novel were done by me.

Fantasy World Hard-Working Protagonist Magic Male Protagonist Past Plays a Big Role
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      Status: chapter 3: a desperate father
      Sep 4, 2020

      It is a good story. With rough storytelling style that fits MC.

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