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Angel Smile
Angel Smile
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Lee Yeo Ri is the perfect definition of a good girl; obedient, has good manners, and always maintains her good grades. However, in their neighbourhood, it was widely-known that her home life is less than perfect. Her father is abusive, her eldest brother, Lee Hyuk, is a troublemaker, and her mother isn't around. The only hope that was left from this family was the sensible middle-child Lee Gun and Yeo Ri who takes care of the men in the house.

Things seemed to be fine on the surface, but a drunken episode changed everything. Left broken with no choice but to hide her pain to keep the family together, she silently accepts her fate.

But... how long could she last? Will she fall before Hyuk and Gun could save her?

Or... will she take matters into her own hand?

Abusive Characters Beautiful Female Lead Child Abuse Complex Family Relationships Family Female Protagonist Overprotective Siblings Rape Sexual Abuse Siblings Not Related by Blood Sister Complex
  1. Scene 30Mar 12, 2019
  2. Scene 29Mar 12, 2019
  3. Scene 28Mar 12, 2019
  4. Scene 27Mar 12, 2019
  5. Scene 26Mar 12, 2019
  6. Scene 25Mar 12, 2019
  7. Scene 24Mar 12, 2019
  8. Scene 23Mar 12, 2019
  9. Scene 22Mar 12, 2019
  10. Scene 21Mar 12, 2019
  11. Scene 20Mar 12, 2019
  12. Scene 19Mar 12, 2019
  13. Scene 18Mar 12, 2019
  14. Scene 17Mar 12, 2019
  15. Scene 16Mar 12, 2019
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