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/ Series / Beloved Husband of a Billionaire
Beloved Husband of a Billionaire
Beloved Husband of a Billionaire
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As soon as he finished his studies, Miguel promised to work hard to take care of his family. He wanted his old father to retire without worries and to live the rest of his life in comfort. The only way to fulfill his goal was to seek for greener pastures. He finds employment in a foreign country. He worked tirelessly and send money back home. He still felt homesick many times but he was adjusting to the new life in U country until one day he noticed something odd.

His saving grace came in the form of a handsome domineering stranger who knocked on his door in the middle of the night. Mr. Kingsley presented a tempting offer. Filled with trepidation, Miguel accepted the contract. For the sake of his ailing father he cast away his principles. His interactions with Mr. Kingsley could be counted in less than ten fingers to which he was thankful of. But one day, the domineering man suddenly demanded he fulfill his part.

Henry Claude Kingsley demanded absolute obedience from all of his employees. He would not hesitate to give due punishment to people who fail to meet his expectations. A certain foreign boy kept stretching his patience causing him to be frustrated. But he couldn't find within himself to give the boy a ruthless punishment. Instead he chose a different method, one that would end with flushed ears and a quivering body.

Category: Original BL Novel

About the Book
It contains stories depicting male-male relationships.
Published since 2019.
This book exists only in Tapas and Wattpad. If you are reading this from another site that means you are reading a stolen copy. Please read only from my official account.

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*This web novel is now available in Scribble Hub.

Boys LoveDramaRomanceSlice of Life
Aristocracy Caring Protagonist Cute Children Cute Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Doting Love Interests Family Handsome Male Lead Mpreg Revenge Ruthless Protagonist Slow Romance
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