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/ Series / What would you do if you suddenly fell in love?
What would you do if you suddenly fell in love?
What would you do if you suddenly fell in love?
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4.4 (67 ratings)
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What would you do if you fell in love at first sight with a woman that you just met at the brothel?
Don’t you know the answer?
If you want to know what our MC would do, just take a look and follow his daily life in this fantasy world.

Author's note: Well, since many ask both privately and in the comments, I will leave a note here.
It is just a spicy Slice of Life story. I hope you enjoy it =D
Information that may or may not be useful

- Cover made by me, but it's not finished yet, there are still a few things to do, but when I have time, I will finish it.

- When you have this '*' after the chapter name is because it has +18 scenes, then be warned. If you don't want to read the chapter, feel free to skip it, I don't intend to put too much relevant information in these chapters. But in case I do, I will make a small recapitulation of the important things in the next chapter.

- Your feedback is very important to me, so please comment on what you think I should improve.

- This is my first time writing and my native language is not English, so I hope you don't mind too much about some small mistakes there may be.

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AdultFantasyHaremMatureRomanceSeinenSlice of LifeSmut
Beautiful Female Lead Character Growth Childcare Confident Protagonist Cooking Cute Children Determined Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Domestic Affairs Early Romance Easy Going Life European Ambience Fantasy World Handjob Harem-seeking Protagonist Love at First Sight Male Protagonist Older Love Interests Overpowered Protagonist Paizuri Polygamy R-18 Slaves Sword And Magic
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Table of Contents
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    Status: arc i – chapter 5: damsel in...

    I already made a rather long comment on the first chapter so I'll try to be concise here.

    Very poor syntax (it is a translation) , bad prose, flat all around for descriptions and there's very little body language (it's a smut story, but still), dumb as rocks protagonist, he proposed to a slave prostitute he just met and bought that day, and the protagonist laughs like this;

    "Hu hu, this is thanks to my great 'Sacred treasure that can change the life of anyone who has it in hands', I bought it for a bargain." Sian says this while showing a very thick book.

    He says that out loud in public in the middle of the street. That is the writing quality you can expect.

    I was worried about NTR at first, but there isn't any. However my other two worries ended up being warranted.

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    15 Likes · Like
    Status: arc ii – chapter 25: i have...

    So far, the story seems well thought out and the characters have distinct personalities, which makes this better than 95% of the stories here.

    The pace is good with gradual buildup  and well organised world building and not a lot of information dumps. Author even prepared a map.

    The characters have interesting backstories and mystery to them and the motives behind their actions are not immedietely apparant.

    This would be perfect with some editing but still leaving 5 stars cos of potential.

    I had a good time reading this so far and I'm looking forward to more :)

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: arc i – prologue

     this a good stury with a op MC without comon sense, and have a  really funny moments,   the world of the story is really big and we have manny mysteris to read  for the future, so I totally recommend this story

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