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/ Series / A Solitary God In A Dark Multiverse
A Solitary God In A Dark Multiverse
A Solitary God In A Dark Multiverse
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Eons ago a devastating and apocalyptic battle took place that rocked every dark and loathsome corner of the multiverse. In the aftermath of the battle, deities, demon-lords, old ones, arch-devils, angel kings and archon queens, not to mention other cosmically powerful entities were totally obliterated. Despite this history-changing occurrence, life found a way and life went on in a godless multiverse for an unimaginable length of time. And in time, even the mightiest and most popular gods were nearly forgotten.

But one day, in a universe unlike our own, an altogether fantastic and magical universe, a deity is born. A new deity. A deity of a nebulous morality. Join the aforementioned morally unbound deity as he embarks on a quest to gain power, worshippers, and glory.

This story features a deity as its protagonist, but it's a deity who starts off alone in a dark and harsh multiverse. He needs worshippers to grow in power and has to earn his victories intelligently. He seeks to gain worshippers, discover the truth behind his genesis, and become the deity he is meant to be. He is a protagonist who will hurt others, and he's unafraid to kill and destroy what he can't control. This is his story.

This story does feature sex, gore, and other mature & adult things. It can also be read on Royal Road & Web-Novel. The author of the story here is also the story's original author.

If lore intrigues you, consider dropping by the World Anvil! It is chock full of juicy lore, and history, and it is slowly expanding as I add new articles to it. It is a place for me to write out the major details and introduce readers to the grander complexities that the story doesn't always let me write out in detail. If that is neat to you, here's a link:

If you like the story, join our Discord:

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Adventurers Character Growth Demon Lord Destiny Empires Evil Gods God Protagonist Godly Powers Politics
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Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 14: the bizarre alchemist

    (long review ahead, be warned.)

    So this story initially caught my eye because of it's concept, a newborn god, likely the last of it's kind being thrust into the world with the goal of finding out more about it's powers as a deity.

    The concept sounds good but the execution is honestly lackluster, first issue of many is the system.

    It's supposed to function as esentially training wheels for baby gods, nothing wrong with that but- (say it with me) show don't tell. 

    This is something the story severely lacks, to the point where a large majority of chapters are info dumps, all the mystery of the main character finding out about the world and learning along with the reader is just gone.

    When I discovered this story I assumed it would be about the curiosity of a baby god, since one of his domains is quite literally knowledge.

    He is shown to be inately curious too, but when you have the system acting as a nanny to the main character telling him what everything is, taking over the main characters chance to figure things out for himself and improvise.

    The system is there to lock the main character's power away and spew info, it holds the story back more than the author knows.

    Second issue, stilted dialogue. If you look up the definition of stilted you will understand what I mean.

    It FEELS clunky and awkward, it honestly makes it hard to continue reading when what should be one of the main aspects of the story, dialogue, feels like two robots trying to hold a conversation.

    Third issue, supposed intelligence of creatures, the main character is given the ability to talk to animals as a druid and god, we're told that these creatures, especially the goblin Triok or whatever his name was, is below average intelligence.

    So, pray tell, why can he hold a cheerful conversation with a near perfect vocabulary without seeming confused by any of the words or concepts the main character brings out?

    I can understand if it's a goblin, they're similar enough to humans that I suppose it should be possible, but what about the caimon (lizard) the main character fights and befriends early on?

    It calls the main character a bastard and seems highly intelligent and ponders the actions of the main character when it heals and helps him, most importantly, the main character can REASON with it.

    I don't know about you but being able to reason with an animal using language makes it seem a lot less like an animal and more like an intelligent sentient creature, and here's the kicker, the main character explains later that the creature isn't very smart.

    It creates a large disconnect between what is happening and the main character's perspective and leads to being confused rather than immersed in the world.

    Fourth issue, unbelievable happenings, what do I mean by this? So, early on the main character decides to feed ants some of his food that gives him influence over creatures.

    he gets a unique title for it and apparently it has never been done before by any god, why? Because no one would want insects to be under their control apparently? 

    are you telling me when there were many many gods that not a single one was considered the god of insects or even TRIED to have some influence over insects at all? Clearly some have because the system told you there was a DOMAIN of insects, how does one get the domain of insects without having at least some influence over insects? It just makes no logical sense.

    That's all for now, having said all this. Author, if you're reading this you have a TON of potential.

    your ideas are great, and you have some aspects of writing nailed down and your own unique style of writing that I can appreciate, Don't take this review as me telling you to stop writing, in the end my opinion is just the words of one man.

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    7 Likes · Like
    Status: c52 sisters and prayer

    Very good I have no idea how the author puts so much fascinating content into each chapter, only complaint is minor grammatical  errors here and there, and the abilities boxes are a bit long, but these are nit picks more than real problems, overall an excellent series. 9/10 definitely recommend 

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    2 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 5: escalation

    I really want to like this story, and there is so much potential here, but the execution is just so lackluster.

    The writing flows poorly, with phrases and sentences repeating needlessly, the dialogue is heavily stilted, some things just make no logical sense (an example being that the distance from the inn to the forest is six kilometers, and yet the time it takes him to walk that distance is "a few minutes", aka a walking speed of about 60kph), and the "system" just comes across as a clunky plot device that hinders the story more than it helps.

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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 66: dragon in the depths

    Its good, Its really good. I love this novel so much, I literally made an account just to write this. I love the main character and the fact that he actually embraces who he his and aims for free will is just so refreshing. However I do wish he was more prideful, because whilst it is emphasized that he has a god's sense of pride sometimes it is not really shown that much. All in all, this novel is really good and I just love the main character's ambition so much. 

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