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/ Series / The Sword Saint’s Second Life As a Fox Girl
The Sword Saint’s Second Life As a Fox Girl
The Sword Saint’s Second Life As a Fox Girl
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4.2 (594 ratings)
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Argon Raze, the best swordsman of the continent. He was dubbed the Sword Saint due to his unparalleled skills with the sword. He lived a life of endless victories in duels and challenges. However, all that came to an end when he challenged a young mage. He lost his winning streak and his life at the hands of this young mage.
Seemingly ready to accept his death, he found himself inside an unknown forest after being swallowed by an immense light. He was still alive, he realized. Although, he also realized he wasn't the same Argon Raze as before.

Feel free to support me on Paypal or Patreon with five or more chapters ahead.

P.S. Cover image is not mine. Credits to scottie_(phantom2) Feel free to pm me if the they wish for it to be taken down.

P.P.S. Update is on every Wednesday and Saturday 11a.m. PST

ActionAdventureFantasyGender BenderHaremIsekaiLitRPGRomanceSmut
Adventurers Beastkin Beautiful Female Lead Bisexual Protagonist Character Growth Demons Dragons Dungeons Elves Female Protagonist Girl's Love Subplot Half-human Protagonist Human-Nonhuman Relationship Male to Female Monsters Parallel Worlds Reincarnation Sword Wielder Transported into Another World Weak to Strong
Table of Contents 302
  1. 5-24 IkonFeb 17, 2024
  2. 5-23 FriendsFeb 10, 2024
  3. 5-22 On the greyFeb 3, 2024
  4. 5-21 FlurryJan 27, 2024
  5. 5-20 Oversight of foresightJan 20, 2024
  6. 5-19 ReasonsJan 13, 2024
  7. 5-18 Two frontsJan 6, 2024
  8. 5-17 Pot, kettleDec 30, 2023
  9. 5-16 AerysiansDec 23, 2023
  10. 5-15 LindwurmDec 16, 2023
  11. 5-14 Dogged devoutsDec 9, 2023
  12. 5-13 Tranquil tripDec 2, 2023
  13. 5-12 Road bickeringNov 25, 2023
  14. 5-11 Before dawnNov 18, 2023
  15. 5-10 AmendsNov 11, 2023
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      New LazyLazer
      Status: 2-19 returned

      Oof, just checked the reviews and it's sadly similar to the comment section on the chapters. Tons of people unnecessarily upset when the MC makes decisions out of confusion. 

      A former sword saint being gender bent struggles at first to accept their new reality as a bishoujo fox girl. I don't think enough people consider that to be what it actually is, it's a traumatic event. Trauma affects people at varying degrees and makes people do questionable things. 

      Although the lust skill sounds like it'd overwrite all other functions, it really doesn't. It's basically an extreme aphrodisiac that removes a large amount of inhibitions like a spiked drink, and Erin's bi-curious interest are rather the same as someone having the urge to use a doorknob to get off, it's not that they're attracted to the object so much as wanting anything to scratch that itch. So when Erin is constantly stating her aversion to males in general and even physically recoils at the thought, it's not that they're lying to themself it's as simple as that.

      Erin's first life was solitary mostly from social anxiety masked as stoicism and that takes time to unlearn, a skill that forced her to take the jump only really kick-started her true personality, that of a very lustful being that just wants to be like everyone else. Lust and love was forsaken on her path to sword saint because it was a distraction from her obsession, but after reaching the peak and being killed so easily she has found a new path. Her first life actually thought love at first sight was the only exception if it were to ever happen. Now she's decided to redefine herself and follow a path that's more desire driven rather than focused passion. Where it was a passion for the sword, it's now a desire for satiation. Whether that be lustful, love, fulfillment, or whatever; the point is that Erin is free to make their choices without the arbitrary self-judgement of an incel secretly upset they aren't the one having all the fun. Where before she 'despised' the more lascivious people, she now understands it was stemming from envy instead of a moral code.

      Now, she obviously still has to mature a bit when it comes to matters of interpersonal relationships. She's selfish and greedy, wanting to sleep with whoever when she feels like it but is frustrated at the mere thought it could also be done by her partner. She still feels guilty at caving to her desires, but it's clear she doesn't put much willpower into resisting it. It's pretty clear the solution here is polyamory, what with her partner's express permission for Erin to keep doing so as long as they stay a couple. It's almost always the answer I give, but a poly would keep everyone happy with the most minimal compromise, that being they must share with the other members. The 'minimal' part comes from the fact that they could also partake and enrich the relationship as a whole by creating more points of bonding in this web of love.

      There's a lot of reviews with seemingly even more people in agreement that the world itself or the premise is great but is dragged down by the MC. I think the MC is fine, so long as you view her as what she is. Genderbending without someone's input or desire to do so can be highly traumatic, being 'forced' to confront your s*xual desires in that new body even more so. She barely copes with it since she finally lost her virginity to a woman, even if not the way she'd always wished to, but that only veils the fact that some higher being just played a life changing prank on her for their amusement and she now needs to live with it. I saw quite a few homophobia comments, whether they were the one or were just accusing the mc/author. It's honestly a little inconsiderate to force your own theory on characters just to justify your 'ships' and/or be offended when you were wrong/correct.

      I've ranted quite a bit in the chapter comments, but mostly about character flaws and their disregard and not about the author's decisions. I think there were only a few truly questionable points, but that's mostly about worldbuilding and philosophy of characters rather than any critique on the author themself as a person.

      Series is a fun read with intermittent smut. Would love more of both the story and 'plot' either way. If you're truly upset about some aspect of the story, I think you need to introspect a little more before posting it online as a review. You could be entirely wrong about your extrapolation and making a mount of a mole hill.

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      0 Likes · Like
      Status: 2-20
      This novel starts interesting, the MC and the way is presented as a seasoned Sword Master, then the LitRPG enters scene and we see all the things that are suposed to be MC advantages nuled. The way she alocates her points is even more strange in my opinion she should have ignored Arcane or ignored Strength. Focus on 2 atributes and keep the other Half the value of the others. Ex. 20Arcane 10 strenght 20 finesse. Now, mentality of the MC. He turned She, should be a fromer Sword master with 30 years (i don't remember if there is a exact number but he dies in his forties) yet he is naive, incredibly naive, so naive I droped the novel.
      MC is socially akward with women okey, I can pass it. MC gains affection towards a girl yet because a skill have one night stands with different women basically cheating on her (because even if this is a harem, there is not consent from love iterest to share MC nor the MC confronts her at least until this chapter). Moreover! She developes love for an asshole male chatarcter because, well, surprise I don't know!
      Well this novel is not for me. The MC is... *sigh* can't you just deny that request of a person you don't trust and abhor her? No, because that would not advance the plot right? Because there are not a lot of ways for that right? Well, the 1 star is mostly because dissappointment in a story I liked turned average because forced plot advancements and s*xual intercourses. if I were to value objecively I would give 3 stars.

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      43 Likes · Like
      Status: 1-44 impending

      I enjoy the series for the most part. There's just one aspect that's really immersion-breaking and detracts from the story for me.


      The whole lust skill that was randomly picked up essentially forces her into heat on a daily basis is beyond excessive. It pretty much forces her to rape others, and has some sort of addiction aspect that only seems to work on a single person for some reason? I could understand it being something that would pop up occasionally, like maybe every couple days, timeline wise. But it's become some sort of looming event that pauses everything every few hours, and has to be addressed before the story can progress again. It feels like the only reason there are R18+ scenes is because the MC is forced into it by the skill.


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      33 Likes · Like
      Status: 1-41 plight of the night

      I don't know why this story has the MC as a male in their previous life other then to get the Gender Bender genre. The MC is meek, airhead-ish, relatively submissive to others and doesn't really have any male tendencies from their previous life. All this makes it hard to believe that they were a sword saint in their previous life.

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      25 Likes · Like

      Just bad pretty sub par honestly the MC is disappointing considering his/her age and talent before the swap incredibly Naive and stupid the Lust skill essentially forces R-18 and is essentially it's a f**k anything nearby kind of skill she has no control over makes Agency of the MC a huge problem and worthless from a readers view and the fact that she adamantly refuses to like a guy then falls in love with the prince because reasons Ilya is the bad kind of Yandere that is more annoying than actually Yandere and that's not even considering the stat spread and growth it's a jumbled mess all in all 2/5 lackluster protagonist forced love interest with no actual reasoning given aside from her Lust skill saying hey your in heat now f**k anything nearby if you don't want a coherent story with reasonable love interest and character progression of this is for you if you actually want decent story and plot progression then avoid this like a plague

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      19 Likes · Like
      Status: c1-c65

      The MC refuses advances of her girlfriend for some dumb reasons and then cheats on her often to quell her lust and fells guilty. Then falls in love with some d*ck for no appearent reason. If you can tolerate some sh*t love story then this is a barely readable novel.

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      17 Likes · Like
      Status: 2-23, in due time.

      I've tried reading this story 4 or 5 different times, but never got this far. I don't think I'll be getting farther.

      It starts strong, I'll give it that. 

      But between the inconsistent (and annoying) MC, pacing, side characters, and forced s*x scenes I just can't anymore. Most of the characters act closer to being in what a high schooler imagines an adult play would look like more than they do anyone that'd take in air. 

      The final straw for me was when (after we get to another city 70 chapters in) the village head sits in the corner throwing a tantrum like a child, blaming the MC for things that she had 0 hand in, and the MC once again swaps personality traits around and goes stoic on him. 

      The "Fae" relations feel as superficial to everything as descriptions of magic, and I honestly found myself skimming through 60% of the chapters. 

      Maybe it gets better or something, but I don't care anymore. 

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      15 Likes · Like

      The novel started out great but the MC was overly foolish its like MC doesn't have common sense, this my review though as everyone taste is different  so u can give it  a try, MC was a guy and he is now bis*xual as well

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      14 Likes · Like
      Status: --

      The poorly written prose extends to the rest of the narrative.

      This is basically why I tend to avoid LitRPGs. More thought gets put into the system than the actual writing.

      A lot of the sentences feel like they're just there to fill up the page, adding nothing of value to the character, setting, or story.

      In chapter four for example, the MC has been reborn into a new body (and world) for less than an hour, but apparently their "jiggling breasts" and lack of underwear are the most important thing at the moment. Let's ignore the fact that she was running from monster rats and rapey bandits mere moments ago, because her tits really need five+ paragraphs of detail.

      I can only assume this has a four star rating because nobody actually cares about the writing quality of a fiction with the "smut" tag.

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      13 Likes · Like
      Status: 2-34 Maven's Respite

      I really liked the idea behind this story but as it goes on I find myself disliking it more and more. It's not that the book is bad but more that it's not my taste. Erin's character is fine but at times she really annoys me, like using her level-up points on lower levels of skills when it would be a lot smarter to save them for the high levels that are really hard to level... Then its just other smaller things that make me dislike this series (again, this is my preference and not that the story is bad)

      I can't really put any examples of what makes me dislike the series since I can't really put it in words... With lyra I can't like her as a character due to her acting like a yandere 


      (When lyra and the elf pulled knives at each other)

      Even though everything else, like her caring for children, about her character, is fine I just dislike her and every chapter with her in it annoy me simply because I really hate yandere. Another smaller thing is that erin's swordsmanship level doesn't make much sense, at first I understood why it started low despite her being a sword saint but it feels like the level should have slowly risen and then once she fully adapted to her new body it rose quickly... It feels like since she was a sword saint it should be at least level 8...

      Again, the series isn't bad... I would recommend trying it to see if you like it, just not my cup of tea.

      Read More

      8 Likes · Like
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