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/ Series / Planetfall: The Cursed World
Planetfall: The Cursed World
Planetfall: The Cursed World
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(Might change this later in the future, if I know what synopsis should I write in here):
A Terrestrial planet was colonized by the Solian Federation on the other side of the galaxy after the development of a new FTL drive that can travel to the other side of the galaxy. But there is a problem for the Solian Colonists, Primitive Civilizations with different species were discovered on that planet and were fighting each other for dominance and other purposes. That is a good news for the Solian Federation to buy enough time for their armies to be slowly deployed on other galaxy that is ripe for the taking before other Interstellar Nations step foot on it or the primitives outnumber the Solian Colonists and steal and replicate the advanced technology for themselves.

I don't know when to publish new chapters. Maybe days, weeks, months, years. IDK. I'm just a beginner on writing Series, so expect some grammatical errors, typos, spelling and etc. (And I'm not going to delete this series this time. I fucking swear!)

Taking inspiration from Exiled Kingdoms, Stellaris, Nihonkoku Shoukan, Europa Universalis 4, and King of Dragon Pass.

This series has some racism and words that might offend some people so read it at your own risk.

Constructive Criticism are welcome. But with limitations of course.

I do not own this cover photo, I just found it on Pinterest or ArtStation and edited the photo because I don't like the color. And I need to improve my editing skills.

Link of the original pic:

Currently on semi-revising all of the chapters.

ActionAdventureComedyFantasyMysterySci-fiSlice of Life
Alternate World Army Demons Discrimination Empires Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Flashbacks Industrialization Kingdoms Knights Medieval Military Parallel Worlds Parody Politics Racism Religions Satire Soldiers Sword And Magic Technological Gap Unreliable Narrator Wars World Invasion
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