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The Treasure King
The Treasure King
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4.6 (39 ratings)
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The world of cultivation was endless, fantastical, and filled with treasures. These included supreme cultivation arts, ancient weapons, precious gems, sacred medicine, or beast lords that ruled the land. Humans fought against each other and against their deadly enemies, all in the pursuit of treasure and cultivation.

Gray was an impoverished orphan living an ignorant life in the wild mountains. His greatest dream was simply to eat his fill at every meal. However, the luckiest of chance encounters changed him completely and set him on a path to greatness.

He made a lifelong promise… and to fulfill it, he had to obtain immense wealth and peerless cultivation. How was he going to achieve these goals when his starting point was impossibly low? Well, he was blessed with a pair of heavenly eyes that saw the world like no one else could!

© 2020 Kirbyisgreen, All Rights Reserved.

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Accelerated Growth Alchemy Army Building Average-looking Protagonist Beautiful Female Lead Carefree Protagonist Cultivation Demons Eye Powers Fat Protagonist Love Rivals Loyal Subordinates Merchants Money Grubber Nobles Polygamy Poor to Rich Protagonist Falls in Love First Romantic Subplot Strong Love Interests Weak to Strong
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      New Blugon
      Status: 85. letting you go
      Feb 22, 2021

      A fat mountain boy is visited by a jade beauty, and decides to embark on a cultivation quest.

      Spelling & Grammar 2/5 - Typos and missed words are fairly common.

      Style & Story 3/5 - Fairly bland, aside from the hook things follow standard cultivation expectations. It is reasonably well written and consistent. There is additional emphasis on the interactions between low level cultivators and worldly concerns that lends nuance to the protagonist's exploration of the world. What would otherwise be a banal intro saga, becomes a journey of growth.

      Characters 2.5/5 - While the protagonist does not strictly conform to the archetype of cultivation MC's, I am superised at how two dimensional he still seems. He rather reminds me of Son Goku from the original Dragon Ball series. Side characters naturally have even less development as they come and go from the narrative. However, both Sun Xueling and Alisha Patel are characterized relatively well.

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