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/ Series / Oh. My. Fate?! [BL]
Oh. My. Fate?! [BL]
Oh. My. Fate?! [BL]
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Crown Prince Jing He

Jing He is a trueborn god and the only son of the Heavenly Emperor Rong Su and his wife Bai Fen. Jing He holds the position of the crown prince of the Nine Heavens and might also be referred to as the Son of Heaven.

Jing He is known for his impeccable appearance, his gentle temperament, and his wide range of knowledge.
Zhong Jing Yi

Zhong Jing Yi is the human reincarnation of crown prince Jing He. Doted on by his parents and 'saved' from all kinds of evil by dragon king Qiu Ling he has turned into an introverted child afraid of nature (especially muddy nature) and girls (especially muddy girls). Will the poor child be able to grow up into a normal person with his self-proclaimed fiance around?

Dragon King Qiu Ling

As the current king of the dragon race, Qiu Ling has many responsibilities that he will naturally forego to instead spent time with his beloved, Jing He. In fact, his only goal in life and the reason why he holds onto his throne is for him to marry Jing He.

Talking about Jing He, Qiu Ling will swear that he fell in love with his smile. He can't help but mention his silky hair though. Or those starry eyes. And that blue robe very nicely complements his fair skin ... Mn, Jing He ...

Qiu Ling has proclaimed himself to be the most handsome man in the three immortal realms. Even if he wasn't the most handsome, he would still be way more handsome than that bastard Jin Ling!

Fate's Scribe Shun Tao

Shun Tao is the Fate's Scribe who is responsible for writing the fates of mortals and the trials for trueborn gods. Unfortunately, it seems like someone is screwing him over on his latest task: Writing the trial for His Highness, the crown prince Jing He.

Leng Jin Yu

Leng Jin Yu was born as a human and later became a disciple of the Jian Yi Sect. As someone with full spirit veins, he first learned the way of the sword, becoming a well-known practitioner in the human realm before turning his attention to weapon forging and, finally, cultivation. Leng Jin Yu became the Grandmaster of the Jian Yi Sect and stayed there for several years before his ascension.

In the Nine Heavens, Leng Jin Yu waited in the courtyard of the idle gods to be assigned an official position before he was embroiled in the conflict around crown prince Jing He's trial thanks to Hong Bao.
Hong Bao

Hong Bao was born human but somehow managed to ascend to the Nine Heavens without spending even a single day cultivating. She has now been given the position of a servant girl so her days were spent running around doing errands. Thankfully, her luck turned for the better and she met the Fate's Scribe Shun Tao who gave her a much better task. Now, her days are filled with running around 'helping' Shun Tao, gossiping to Leng Jin Yu and baking cookies. One day, her cookies will certainly make the Fate's Scribe fall in love with her!

Heavenly Emperor Rong Su

Rong Su is the Heavenly Emperor, tasked with governing the Nine Heavens. He is married to Bai Fen and the father of Jing He. The Heavenly Emperor is not amused that some dragon dares to go after his beloved son! Honestly, nobody is good enough for his precious son. Maybe he should risk war, after all, if that damned dandy dares to blink at his son again?

Heavenly Empress Bai Fen

Bai Fen is the wife of the Heavenly Emperor, Rong Su, and the mother of crown prince Jing He. After patiently advising her son and his self-proclaimed fiance for ten years she is sure that everything is set for her son's wedding after his return. Ah, thankfully, her husband wouldn't dare to disagree with her.

Bai Fen is also the younger sister of the current God of War, Qiang Yan.
God of War Qiang Yan

Qiang Yan is the older brother of the current Heavenly Empress, Bai Fen, and thus the uncle of crown prince Jing He. He is heading the palace of the God of War and thus tasked with the safety of the Nine Heavens. The Heavenly Guard he trains have been suffering from feeling worthless for the last few years though. How come they never notice when dragon king Qiu Ling breaks into their crown prince's palace and only see him leave?

Demon King Jin Ling

Jin Ling is the current king of the demon race. He is only holding onto that throne because of his father's wishes though and is thus utterly bored. His time might as well be used to go and make Qiu Ling's life just as miserable as his own.

Tian (Heaven)

Tian, also known as Heaven, is the supreme ruler of the immortal races that resides in the High Heavens. Because of their involvement in his lover's death, Tian cursed the three immortal races.


Xing was one of the sons of a previous generation of Heavenly Emperors. He lived at a time when the gods were still polygamous and was born as the son of a concubine. Under the machinations of the Heavenly Empress he finally became a fallen god.

Races and Organisations

One of the three immortal races. The gods consist of trueborn gods and ascended deities and live in the Nine Heavens.

The god race is currently headed by the Heavenly Emperor Rong Su.

Trueborn Gods

Trueborn gods are considered part of the god race. They can use magic by utilizing the spiritual energy of all elements. The trueborn gods were cursed by Heaven so that they have to pass several trials in their lives.

Ascended Deities

Ascended deities are former humans who cultivated to immortality and ascended to the Nine Heavens. They are considered part of the god race.


One of the three immortal races. Demons can use magic by utilizing the spiritual energy of the earth and fire. They are also able to turn the spiritual energy into dark energy that will allow them to morph their bodies, enabling them to change their appearance or travel at a speed so fast it seems they vanished on the spot.

The demon race was cursed by Heaven to be unable to love and only know obsession. They are currently headed by demon king Jin Ling.


One of the three immortal races. As much as the dragons dislike hearing it their race was once part of the demon race. Thus they share certain similarities with them including a wide range of eye- and hair-colors as well as a heightened physical ability. The dragons can also use magic by utilizing the spiritual energy of the wind and water. Their race was cursed by Heaven to be able to fall in love with only one person for their entire lives.

The dragon race is currently headed by dragon king Qiu Ling.

Yun Zou Sect

A cultivation sect situated in the Long mountain range of the kingdom of the same name. The Yun Zou Sect is part of the good faction and can be regarded as one of the more powerful sects. In recent years, the Yun Zou Sect has been on the decline though and only manages to hold onto their spot on the top ten ranking because of Sect Master Yuchi and Grandmaster Zhangsun.

Hei Dian Sect

The cultivation sect heading the evil faction. It was founded by a cultivator known as Huan Yin. Contrary to most other sects the Hei Dian Sect is not separated into an inner and outer sect but instead into different divisions that are further divided into subdivisions. For example, there is an Alchemy division that includes a subdivision called the "Water of the Yellow Springs".

Interested parties have the right to choose their division and subdivision. Depending on their prior knowledge, aptitude, and luck they can become fringe disciples, official disciples, or direct disciples of one of the Elders.

Contrary to the outer sect disciples of the sects of the good faction, even the fringe disciples will be taught basic knowledge on a regular basis and have access to further studying material.

Chun Feng Sect

A cultivation sect of the good faction specializing in demon hunting.  They are known for having invented several items harmful to demons but not to humans.

Jian Yi Sect

One of the premier cultivation sects of the good faction that is famed for their strict discipline, high moral conduct, and a row of outstanding disciples. Their disciples can be recognized by their simple white robes that lack any kind of embellishment.

Leng Jin Yu was part of the Jian Yi Sect prior to his ascension and held the position of Grandmaster.
Tian's Curse
Trials of the Trueborn Gods

The trueborn gods were cursed by Heaven so that they need to attempt trials in the mortal world in exchange for their immortality and magic abilities. For this, the trueborn god will be reborn as a human for at least one lifetime and attempt to experience several vicissitudes that are categorized according to their graveness:

  • Major trials: Trials that influence the direction of the reincarnation's life and often impact the soul like love trials, trials of betrayal or trials of decision.
  • Medium trials: For example trials of loss, unattainable dreams or bitter life circumstances.
  • Minor trials: Often trials of emotions like succumbing to fear or greed.

The trueborn gods need to pass 3 major trials, 7 medium trials, and 12 minor trials. The first trial has to be attempted approximately when they come of age.
If a trueborn god is unable to pass all these trials in one lifetime, they might descend again at a later time. In their first life as a mortal, they are bound to pass at least 1 major trial, 3 medium trials, and 6 minor trials. Otherwise, they will be punished by Heaven through either losing part of their abilities (e.g. not being able to control the spiritual energy of a specific element anymore), lowering of their physical abilities (e.g. being unable to move certain body parts or losing a sense like their sight or hearing), or, in the case of not being able to pass even a minor trial, even death.

In rare circumstances, a trial can be passed as their true self in the Nine Heavens.

Soul Binding (Dragons)

The dragons were cursed to only be able to love one person in their lifetime. Additionally, their souls were changed so that they can be split in a main part and a secondary part. Upon meeting their destined partner, dragons will feel the urge to split their soul and bind the secondary part to the soul of their lover.

Possibilities and Restrictions of Soul Binding

Originally, soul binding was a ritual between (often married) couples. Despite this, it is possible for a soul binding to be done in only one direction. This can even happen while the other person is unaware that a soul is being bound to them. Since soul binding doesn't need to be done in both directions, a dragon can bind their soul even to a person from a different race. Cases of singular soul binding are rare though.

The soul binding comes with several restrictions including the necessity to follow the partner in death. Because of this couples will often decide together not to bind their souls and only marry.

Nine Heavens

One of the immortal realms. The Nine Heavens consist of a capital city and eight other parts and are home to the race of the gods. They are rumored to be located right below the High Heavens.

Leyuan Region

A region in the mortal realms that is rich in spiritual energy because a lot of different forms of landscapes can be found there. Because of this abundance in spiritual energy and the fact that several secret realms are located there, the region was often fought over by the good and evil faction. At the moment, the good faction has managed to gain the upper hand.

Long Kingdom

The kingdom in which crown prince Jing He is reborn as Zhong Jing Yi. Legend has it that the first emperor established the country with the help of a dragon that later lay down to rest and formed the Long mountain range.

Scroll of Fate

A scroll often made of wooden or jade slips that is inscribed in the Palace of the Fate's Scribe. The inscription will be a fate for either a human or the reincarnation of a trueborn god attempting their trial in the mortal realm. The fate may be anything ranging from only a few notes about important events in the person's life to a detailed story.

The Legend of Tian and Xing

Legend has it that Tian, the sovereign of all immortal realms, fell in love with Xing, one of the sons of the Heavenly Emperor, and descended to the Nine Heavens for him. He approached him with the identity of a common god and Xing finally fell in love with him. The Heavenly Empress, who had always loathed Xing for his appearance that was better than that of her daughter and seemed to rob her of possibilities, encouraged the relationship so the two of them finally married.

After Tian participated in the war against the demons and gained fame, the Heavenly Empress tried to convince him to demote Xing and take her daughter as his first wife. When he refused, she resorted to mentally torture Xing until he finally couldn't hold anymore and became a fallen god.

Xing fled the Nine Heavens. To take revenge for his lover, Tian revealed his true identity and cursed the three immortal races before leaving the Nine Heavens too and searching for Xing.

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      New crimson_carnation
      Status: 82 important guests
      Mar 17, 2019

      I've been following this story for quite a while at another site and I can honestly say that this is one of my most favorite novels to date.

      As expected of this author, the writing is very good and flows really well. Not to mention that it also has daily updates, which is always a huge plus.

      The world is very intricately crafted and we have different realistic characters, each with a memorable personality of their own, interacting with each other and progressing the story. They're sometimes fun and other times heartbreaking, but you'll want to cheer them on throughout their journey.

      It starts with the childhood of one of the protagonists, Jing Yi, who is the reincarnated Crown Prince Jing He, and how the other protagonist Qiu Ling's interference with his trial keeps messing everything up hilariously. I've cried from laughing at some of Qiu Ling's shenanigans and how much it frustrates the Fate's Scribe.

      As the story goes on, we get to see Jing Yi growing up and Qiu Ling courting him. It's both funny and heartwarming. There are some really unexpected twists and turns that I honestly didn't see coming. And there are cute side couples, each with their own unique situations and interesting characters, that are woven together with our main couple's story.

      Overall, it's a good read that I recommend everyone to give a try. It definitely won't disappoint :)

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