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/ Series / Black Corporate Dragon
Black Corporate Dragon
Black Corporate Dragon
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The Kiryu Clan has fallen from grace. Once the top of the Yakuza world, now it’s nothing more than a laughable relic of the past after its head retired and opened up a ramen shop. Ichiro Kiryu, the son of that retired clan head, is determined to change that. Fresh out of high school and filled with the ideals and dreams of the former Kiryu Clan, he sets out to restore his family’s name to its former status.

Unfortunately, the current Yakuza world has no room for ideals and honor, let alone an upstart with nothing to his name. After a crushing defeat, Ichiro is approached by the owner of the mysterious Corporation X and offered the backing needed to fulfill his dreams in exchange for going on their payroll. With no other option, Ichiro accepts… only to find that his new job isn’t quite what he thought it was.

Beset on all sides, facing off against the current leader of the Yakuza world, and struggling to make ends meet in his ridiculous new job, can Ichiro still fulfill his dream of reviving the Kiryu Clan? No, can he even make it past the year?

ActionComedySlice of Life
Hot-blooded Protagonist Organized Crime Part-Time Job
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