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/ Series / Ascension of the Evil God
Ascension of the Evil God
Ascension of the Evil God
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Life is often disappointing, it destroys people in ways that they never think will happen to them, and it more often than not darkens the heart of good men. But… what happens when one of those men can become a god?

The story follows Sam Azar, a young human man in a world of cultivators where the strong rule the weak, and they have to survive not only against each other, but also against powerful creatures that roam Cosmos.

The idea of the novel is under development and will undergo changes, if you read this in 2020, there is a great chance that most of what you've read has changed, as I reckon that I've rushed the planning of the beginning of the novel and the quality ended sub-par.

ActionAdventureFantasyHaremMartial ArtsMatureRomanceTragedy
Antihero Protagonist Arrogant Characters Battle Competition Beast Companions Brother Complex Character Growth Cousins Crafting Cruel Characters Cultivation Demi-Humans Dreams Evil Gods Fantasy World Fast Cultivation Godly Powers Gods Gore Handsome Male Lead Incest Mythical Beasts Overpowered Protagonist Overprotective Siblings Righteous Protagonist Strength-based Social Hierarchy
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