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4.8 (40 ratings)
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Sasha finally found someone different than all the rest; Yatsu claimed her interest with but one touch. But Sasha was different too, she had already fallen in love with something. How dangerous will it be for Sasha to fall in love with someone as well? (Yandere inspired story) Mature 15+ for Violence, Gore, Language and Sexual Scenes.

Cover image drawn by the sister of a friend, whose name remains anonymous.

DramaHorrorMartial ArtsPsychologicalRomanceSchool LifeSlice of Life
Multiple Protagonists Obsessive Love Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest R-15 Shy Characters Slow Romance Tragic Past Twins Yandere Younger Sisters
Table of Contents 75
  1. 72. ~Blue and Red Lights~Jun 2, 2023
  2. 71. ~Normal~May 27, 2023
  3. 70. ~Alone~Nov 28, 2022
  4. 69. ~School~Nov 28, 2022
  5. 68. ~I Don’t Care~Apr 21, 2021
  6. 67. ~Invitation~Apr 19, 2021
  7. 66. ~Fuzzy~Apr 12, 2021
  8. 65. ~Dojo~Apr 3, 2021
  9. 64+. ~April Fools~Apr 1, 2021
  10. 64. ~Babysitter~Apr 1, 2021
  11. 63. ~Obsessed~Jul 15, 2020
  12. 62. ~Scared~Jul 6, 2020
  13. 61. ~Hot Chocolate~Jun 24, 2020
  14. 60. ~Influence~Jun 21, 2020
  15. 59. ~Kisses~May 26, 2020
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      Status: c17

      I'm a friend of the author, so I am going to be super mean.

      As he recommends, I'm starting from chapter 13

      The story starts off with Yatsu, a boy crushing on a girl, trying to write a love letter or better said, "His failed attempts at confessing his affections." It focuses on the events that happen along the way, such as his sisters teasing and the stupid kid who did his classwork too quickly. These events feel natural, and to an extent, they could even happen in an anime. 


      The story quickly sets its core value, Romance, and explores some of the things that happen along the way. It handles the situations pop up during a romance rather well, even the extra events that do not appear to be important additions to the world.

      Nearly flawless grammar, I found no major errors, I write roughly flawlessly because there are too many short paragraphs and bugs me.


      For a romance novel, we don't really get too see the inner world of Yatsu; the reason's for the crush is currently unknown. Sasha feels more like a bully than the target of his affections. Yatsu appears scared of her, and of her rejection. And, while this could happen, Yatsu shows no signs of being a masochist. 

      From Sasha's pov, the romance makes less sense, he looks at her eyes and not her tits, and she gets a feeling if it's magical or otherwise, it's not explored or hinted at. Sasha clearly has a distaste for men, so for her to so willing seems odd. (I'm not saying there is not a reason for this, I'm saying I have not seen anything in the novel that addresses it.)

      So from what I gather, it's simply a forced romance, and people are changing really quickly to suit the situation the author desired the problem is the author skipped a few steps in the process. 

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      Status: 63. ~obsessed~

      All these other reviews are eloquent but I'm unga bunga so I'ma keep it simple. This is a good read with some good yandere stuff being built up my only gripe is that the wait time for more chapters is killing me.

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      Status: ch 60

      Alright.... so. My real score is a 4.5, but there is no such thing, so I rounded up to 5.

      The story is mostly the high school life of a yandere and her boyfriend. So far that has been the focused of the story. How they fall in love, going on dates, meeting family members and so on. It's a sweet couple story with a yandere twist. 

      The main character, Sashas, seems to have either a tragic past that broke her, or she is just naturally missing a couple of screws. She is not psychotic (as of right now), but she will treat those she doesn't care about lower than dirt lol. Only reason she probably has not killed someone is because of the law. If this was in a medieval world... heads would be rolling. 

      However, she only behaves this way against those that antagonize her or those she cares about. 

      The boyfriend is... interesting. The dude is physically weaker than her (Well almost anyone really... poor guy). He is shy at first (he is starting to grow a pair as of lately). But he is not a coward, just not used to confrontations. He at least knows what he wants and will go after it. Albeit in his own clumsy way. I just hope that he becomes stronger in the future. Not so that he can protect her (others need protecting from her really lol), but so that he can protect himself.

      But...I feel there is more to this story... much more. The author has been throwing hints at a much darker side of the story that may unfold in the future. If you read the story, you will also notice it as well. I hope I am right. That would create a really cool story. 

      What else... the side characters are decent. Not great, not bad either. Just decent. I would have liked a little more in-depth dive into their lives. This story doesn't have a world to save, nor are the main characters being chased with their lives on the line. Thus, the only way to keep the story interesting, is by having really engaging side characters in order to make the world feel more alive. The author has done it with a couple of them. However, the author didn't dive too deep into them either. Maybe in the later chapters?

      Over all, is a fun read. There are a couple of things that need explanation; her past, the vision the boyfriend had, are the main things still nagging my brain. But, if you need a quick snack to laid back and read for the fun of it, give it a try. It's entertaining. 

      P.S Upload speed makes dial-up internet look like a jet... so don't expect fast upload speed (see what I did there <.<)

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      Status: 52. ~ker-thump~

      This is a really fun to read story about a 'strange' or 'different' girl who has an unexpected encounter with a boy that immediately piques her interest.

      The characters are very intriguing with details about them being revealed naturally rather than in any sort of "character profile" meaning there's always something about them you don't know yet. The story itself is a very fun take on a high school romance with a healthy dose of comedy and even a bit of action thrown in that blends together to make it so you want to keep reading more to find out what will happen to the characters next. All in all I would definitely recommend this story to anyone who enjoys a good romance story with some extra elements included.

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