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/ Series / The Revenge Story Of The Holder Of 【The Archives Of Knowledge】 In Another World
The Revenge Story Of The Holder Of 【The Archives Of Knowledge】 In Another World
The Revenge Story Of The Holder Of 【The Archives Of Knowledge】 In Another World
171.4k Views 3368 Favorites 105 Chapters 1 Chapters/Week 688 Readers
3.7 (88 ratings)
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Kirishima Soma, a boy living in a post-apocalyptic alternate universe where magic exists is summoned to another world by the self-proclaimed Goddess of Love and Justice of that world only to be disposed of because he was too smart for her taste.

He was sent to the “Bloody Hole” a dungeon used to seal the most dangerous of monsters only for him to get his hands on 【The Archives Of Knowledge】, an ability created from the resentment and desire of revenge against that self-proclaimed Goddess marking the start of his journey to get revenge on her.
Proofreader: DestroyerMon(Thank You)

Accelerated Growth Adventurers Alternate World Artifact Crafting Bookworm Crafting God Protagonist Godly Powers Hiding True Abilities Hiding True Identity Overpowered Protagonist
Table of Contents 105
Reviews 4
Table of Contents
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    Status: chapter 11: wall of ivy

    This story is all style and no substance. 

    It hand a pretty good intro but 11 chapters in and he has all these cool sounding authoritys but doesn't use them at all and still uses a sword. That just doesn't make sense 

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    10 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter 24: marina becomes a dependent

    The moment I saw "I'll kill you!" at the beginning, I felt that something was incredibly wrong. Sadly, that feeling was correct.

    There are three main things that I have an issue with.

    1. He becomes a God by Chapter 6. After another 6 chapters, his stats increase by 12 zeros. The only struggle to get this power was a broken arm at the beginning. You would think the Bloody Hole would be where he struggles, and works hard to eventually become extremely powerful, but no, he becomes a God 1 chapter after being thrown in the Bloody Hole. By 13 chapters, if MC just walks to the Goddess, and fought her, he would win.
    2. Characters are just here to worship, or get killed by the MC. Strong enemies that are hard to fight? Characters that feel like sentient beings? Haha, no. Also, the MC can also be compared to a cultivator.
    3. Misspellings, lack of capitalization, somehow a whole paragraph is one sentence, bad grammar. While this isn't as important as the other two, it still is annoying.


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    Status: chapter 15: the outside

    The sole purpose of this wish-fulfillment story seems to be for the author to get as much self-gratification as possible by handing the MC (his Gary Stu self-insert) everything on a platter.

    This is a quintessential Gary Stu story, except for the beginning where his enemy sends him to a place where he's supposed to die, all following chapters are all made to worship the MC. The place of death he was sent to turned him from an average human into stronger than his godly enemy in basically 1 or 2 chapters. Every next chapter makes him stronger than the last, inflating every stat of his by 100 times every time, and if you think he has at least one weakness, it gets removed easily in a couple of chapters.

    All the characters that are not the MC or his enemies exist SOLELY to worship the MC, and his enemies are easily crushed without a single consequence. Any problem in his way gets solved in a second and only makes his absurdly huge stats all the more higher.

    There is no logic or reason put into this story, only the desire to self-fellate. However, sadder still is that this is neither a comedy nor a parody, it is written to be taken seriously. I would have scored this one star, but I give it two because at least the grammar for this trash is readable.

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    Status: c56
    • It started off like the most of isekai's out there but here comes the big problem the MC becomes horribly overpowered in a matter of 5 chapters and instead of truly showing the goddess of love despair and truly fixing the world he instead goes on an adventure picking girls here and there  also killing bastards (corrupt nobles) when he had a chance and leading a leisurely life instead of actually preventing casualties by appearing with the other gods and using his skills to judge the effing goddess and setting laws and fulfilling his duties as a god
    • If you expect it to have romance cus of the harem tag then u are horribly wrong cus this sh*t has no romance and the girls are there just to make the MC shine more
    • Sorry for nerding out just got pissed cus I hoped for it to get better but instead it got worse. 

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