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/ Series / Hero? Not anymore.. But with the Demon lord?
Hero? Not anymore.. But with the Demon lord?
Hero? Not anymore.. But with the Demon lord?
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A story where both the Demon Lord and the Hero are cursed by the Goddess to fight each other every 300 years with the hero barely having his memories after reincarnation after reincarnation. The Demon Lord however Keeps all his memories intact to defend his homeland and his race. Yes his race, the Goddess corrupted humanity to fight agains't demons for her own 'Fun'. But it will all change on the the last breath of the Demon Lord's last word on his 68Th fight or Reincarnation with the Hero on about to about to end the Demon Lord, However the Demon Lord is no fool He will not let his death everytime be in vain to the demons so, The Demon Lord gave a curse to the hero, no mortal's soul could ever handle, But the Demon Lord's soul is not such a weak Soul he had done it through 20400 Years of suffering with his fellow demons had planned to stop the Goddess. But what will the curse be?

Find out on what will be the curse be.
And the Demon Lord's plan for the Hero!

Authors note*
Im just writing this on a whim since im tired of waiting of waiting for others to update I've been only reading other novels for a year but that proves enought experience that I might be able to do it
I might not continue this but if you have a problem being addicted yourself on reading
Just make one!
[spoiler]Slow updates my comrade[/spoiler]

ActionAdventureComedyEcchiFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveMature
Absent Parents Adventurers Age Progression Appearance Different from Actual Age Aristocracy Beautiful Female Lead Betrayal Cold Protagonist Corruption Curious Protagonist Demon Lord Enemies Become Lovers First-time Intercourse Former Hero Friends Become Enemies Goddesses Level System Male to Female Multiple POV Multiple Protagonists Non-human Protagonist Past Plays a Big Role Reincarnation Succubus
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