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/ Series / [BL] A Little Bunny Looking at the Moon
[BL] A Little Bunny Looking at the Moon
[BL] A Little Bunny Looking at the Moon
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Yun Bei Fen

Yun Bei Fen lost his parents at a young age and lived with his uncle and aunt. Unfortunately, those two couldn't give him the love he needed since they didn't have enough time in between their own children and their work. Thankfully, Elder Baili Chao of the Teng Yong Sect came by and took him in as his direct disciple, giving him a new home with a doting Master and three doting senior martial brothers.

Even more thankfully, Yun Bei Fen found the most important person in his life on that very same day: Mei Chao Bing, his senior martial brother of a different Master. Yun Bei Fen also wants to have a white robe like Mei Chao Bing! Yun Bei Fen also wants to have a wooden hairpin like Mei Chao Bing. No, Master, a white jade hairpin isn't acceptable. No, even if it is engraved with a small array to gather spiritual energy, it still isn't acceptable.

In short: This little bunny is the protagonist of this story.

Baili Chao (Yun Bei Fen's Master)

Baili Chao is an Elder of the Teng Yong Sect. He has high attainments in his cultivation, was once a good-looking young lad (Now, he's a good-looking old man if you ask him!), and sports a dignified aura. He only has one problem: His disciples. Once upon a time, he refused to take in a bunch of brats like the other Elders since he was sure they would annoy him to death. He was sure he would fare much better if he only took in a select few that were fated to be with him. Unfortunately, things went terribly wrong and now he is stuck with three big brats that made his hair gray ahead of time and a little bunny that will probably make him worry his hair white in the following years.

In short: This is the protagonist's doting Master (or rather his second father if you ask the little bunny).

Zhi Guan (Yun Bei Fen's 1st senior martial brother)

Elder Baili happily took in his first disciple with the intention to painstakingly teach him. Ah, telling him whatever he needed to know about cultivation and martial arts, guiding him through his bottlenecks and helping him advance ... Wouldn't that be great?

Unfortunately, Zhi Guan turned out to be a genius that didn't need to be taught painstakingly. When Elder Baili wanted to explain to him what spiritual veins were, he had already taken in spiritual energy. When he wanted to demonstrate the first part of the traditional sword arts of the Teng Yong Sect, his disciple had already mastered them up to the fifth layer. Ah, if things went on like this, it would soon be his disciple that pointed out his shortcomings ...

In short: This is the highly talented first senior martial brother of the protagonist.
Yan Hong Min (Yun Bei Fen's 2nd senior martial brother)

After his disappointment over how his first disciple turned out, Elder Baili took in a second disciple: Yan Hong Min. Unfortunately, this disciple turned out to be even worse than his first.

If Yan Hong Min isn't telling his youngest junior martial brother Yun Bei Fen irresponsible stories, he is certainly running around playing tricks on the other disciples of the Teng Yong Sect or maybe inciting some strife in another cultivation sect. Yan Hong Min will only be happy if everything around him is in chaos. Preferably, this chaos was caused by himself. If things go awry, he will count on his Master to settle things for him.

In short: This is the irresponsible second senior martial brother of the protagonist.

Luo Lin (Yun Bei Fen's 3rd senior martial brother)

Elder Baili was sure that his third disciple would turn out to be a normal person. Someone he could teach painstakingly and advise on the important matters in life. A real disciple that would ask for his help if he was stuck in his cultivation and not only when he managed to cause a war between two of their Teng Yong Sect's Peaks. Unfortunately ... this third disciple let him discover that there were other problems than being too mischievous.

Luo Lin likes to stroll through the sect grounds. When he does, he will smile at those senior martial brothers or maybe toss his hair back behind his shoulders when they are fighting. Ah, what is an injury if one can look at a beauty? Anyway, the Peak Master of the Medicine Peak sends gifts to Luo Lin on a regular basis since Sect Master Zhang has given them more resources than ever to train since Luo Lin was taken in by Baili Chao. Another of the Peak Masters also sends a very valuable gift every year. Each time, he would attach a simple note in his ugly handwriting that will read 'Please don't stroll around close to my peak.' It seems Luo Lin likes the present since he only strolls around close to that peak once every year, shortly before it is time to receive another present.

In short: This is the seductive third senior martial brother of the protagonist.
Ah Lei (Yun Bei Fen's 3rd brother-in-law)

Elder Baili took in his third disciple Luo Lin and Luo Lin took off to walk around the sect grounds, one day bringing back Ah Lei. Since then Ah Lei is the person to go to if things can't be solved by either Elder Baili or his disciples. Whether it's explaining complicated matters or making a bowl of porridge, Ah Lei will know how to do it!

In short: This is the protagonist's third (and only) brother-in-law and very likely the only dependable person in this novel.
Teng Yong Sect

The Teng Yong Sect is a cultivation sect of the good faction. It is most famed for housing the so-called 'Black Warrior' that most people believe to be a reclusive hidden expert with tremendous might. This person's reputation has made the Teng Yong Sect into a place that is seldom attacked for fear of provoking them. Maybe because of that the Teng Yong Sect is a rather idyllic place. It is located in a valley and dotted with small lakes and ponds. These are said to be the best scenic spots and also the places most suitable for cultivation.

In short: This is the setting of the little bunny's story.

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    Status: 8 How to Catch a Fairy (6):...

    I'm really enjoying 'Like a Ray in My Night' by this author and a few of her other works, and I must say that this is a very nice addition to the original story.

    In this, we get to have our fill of the super cute little bunny child Yun Bei Fen and his interactions with a few senior martial brothers from the sect. We also get to see him mooning over his beloved Senior Brother Mei.

    What I've read till now has been both very fun and funny. This author writes children very well, in that they clearly think and act with the childishness that befits their age. It really feels like seeing the world through an inexperienced young child's eyes.

    I'm looking forward to reading more of Yun Bei Fen's childhood days and his quirky senior martial brothers.

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