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/ Series / I Split in a Different World
I Split in a Different World
I Split in a Different World
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Simoun Ark was a prodigy, and one of Earth’s youngest renowned researchers at the age of 20. Half a year after a mysterious virus spread out through the world and killed millions of lives, he was forced to participate in a research team for a medicine and the virus’ killing agent. Shortly after successfully creating vaccines, majority of the research team fell ill including him, just as they were so close to finishing the killing agent. After he experienced death, he suddenly woke up in a bright room, held by the arms of a female stranger. Will he finally realize his dreams that were stolen by his sudden death in a new place? Or will he be held down by his illness worse than the virus that killed him?

AdventureComedyDramaFantasyHaremIsekaiMatureRomanceSlice of Life
Academy Adventurers Age Progression Artifact Crafting Beautiful Female Lead Blacksmith Brotherhood Confident Protagonist Magical Technology Reincarnated into Another World
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