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Mythron Chronicles
Mythron Chronicles
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Savo is a hardworking businessman and entrepreneur. At age twenty-four, he is the CEO and head chairman of one of the largest and most prominent corporations within the country.

Wearied of his repetitive daily tasks and mundane lifestyle, however, he finds asylum in his workshop: A secret room under his mansion, filled with various contraptions and tools to keep him occupied from time to time. One day, he discovers an unknown object, and he unknowingly gets sent to another world as a result...

Embark on a journey with Savo as he travels through a world with bustling cities, enchanting beasts, undiscovered lands, and a plot so bafflingly amazing, you'll jump out of your seats for more! Will Savo be able to return to his own world, or will he choose to stay and conquer this brand new one?

Only time will reveal.

Academy Adventurers Artifacts Artificial Intelligence Assassins Engineer Fantasy Creatures Genius Protagonist Magic Sword And Magic Transported into Another World
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      Status: chapter ix: magic
      Mar 24, 2019

      I had read the author's previous web novel, so I was surprised to find that he had made yet another one. This novel is on par, if not better than the previous one he made. The characters are unique and cool, no one is bland. I mean, talking gecko's? That's pretty awesome.  This is probably because of the imagery the author gives, his grammar is really good. The worldbuilding is very defined and the story is progressing steadily. The main character isn't completely overpowered and has to learn things as he goes. Chapter updates are way more consistent, and the title cover is pretty cool too. Super excited to see the progression of this novel. Certainly a gem.

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      Status: chapter ix: magic
      Mar 24, 2019

      This is a great novel. Unlike a lot of other novels the MC has to figure things out from the start and he doesn't bullsh*t reasons for it. Also by starting off in another race's village you can experience the diversity of the world and should prevent the MC from being "Oh! You said you need that village of a race you are prejudiced against wiped out? Sure no problem." All in all the novel is very interesting and can't wait for what is in for store.

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