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/ Series / A Princess of Alfheim
A Princess of Alfheim
A Princess of Alfheim
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4.5 (71 ratings)
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An isekai fantasy with lots of adventure, romance, and magic. During the first world war, Larry Born, a soldier from Earth, finds himself killed and very unexpectedly resurrected into the body of a fae princess. Now Laeanna, the new princess slowly comes to realize that she is not the only person from Earth to cross over to the world of Alfheim... and some of these Earthlings are eager to conquer the fae realms. Join Laeanna on her quest to court the beautiful Meliswe, keep herself out of trouble (not likely!), and save Alfheim and Earth from the evil forces that would conquer them or engulf both worlds in eternal chaos.
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What to expect:
Magic! Adventure! Sex! Healthy polyamorous relationships! Pirates and raiders! Battles! More sex! Huge reality-destroying machines! A murder mystery! Nontraditional poetry! Plants as fashion accessories! Sex with magical toys! Royalty being cray! Betrayal! Sexy bath time! A chair capable of opening portals to other worlds and a sword capable of summoning flaming meteors! And maybe, just maybe, a happy ending (or not... we'll see ;) )!

ActionAdultAdventureFantasyGender BenderGirls LoveHistoricalIsekaiRomance
Beautiful Couple Beautiful Female Lead Bisexual Protagonist Elves Fantasy World Magic Male to Female Military Polygamy Royalty Transported into Another World Wars
Table of Contents 49
Reviews 3
Table of Contents
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    New TheCritiuqeTimes
    Status: c19

    Criminally underrated. Don't expect a Japanese-style isekai. This is a somewhat western/classic fantasy epic and the premise is equally as interesting. Give this a try. If you have any interest for classic fairy tales, you would enjoy this greatly.

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    Status: queen of alfheim

    This review is long overdue, I am sorry I was just not in the right mood to write a review that it deserves

    This story is amazing, i've had so many moments where I could feel for the characters, I even cried a little

    The writing is as professional as it gets, I think there were few typos but who cares about that

    Further review contains minor spoilers


    Fans of GB genre rejoice as GB is major part of the story, I am a big fan of GB stories and many of them are rushed yuri porn wannabe, and I don't like that, im really tired of the same repeatitive yuri GB

    Thankfully this story delivers an asskicking fantasy experience with hetero M2F GB MC and with enough smut but not too much


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    1 Likes · Like
    Status: chapter forty-nine: a queen of...

    An intense little epos. The blurp on the title page here definitely holds true: You can expect all of these things and more! Fantastic character development! Great adventures! A dainty princess standing her woman in battles and brawls!

    Seriously, if you enjoy epic fantasy novels, read this one.

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