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/ Series / I was reborn as a horned rabbit.
I was reborn as a horned rabbit.
I was reborn as a horned rabbit.
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I was just a shattered soul, with damaged memories, when a goddess's retainer sent me to reincarnate again.
When I woke up, I needed to learn that I was reborn as a horned rabbit, one of the weakest creatures in the food chain. Therefore I need to learn how to survive and to become stronger myself.

I created a schedule for both novels, while the new chapters for this novel will be released in months with even numbers. For the other work, it's the opposite.

Alternate World Animal Characteristics Antihero Protagonist Beastkin Character Growth Child Protagonist Childcare Cute Protagonist Demons Evil Gods Family Female Protagonist Goddesses Loli Magic Non-human Protagonist Non-humanoid Protagonist Reincarnated as a Monster Siblings Care Transformation Ability Weak to Strong
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Reborn as a horned rabbit. (Alternate Story)
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