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/ Series / Angel and Demon, Two Generals’ Retirement
Angel and Demon, Two Generals’ Retirement
Angel and Demon, Two Generals’ Retirement
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  • Aenaziel- the White General, Boney, Aena, Lady White, Gold-girl
  • Anabiel- Aena's twin
  • Anziel- Anzy, the second son, named archangel posthumously, KIA by Blackie
  • En- Eldest daughter, a scholar, died of an illness
  • Gabriel- (Old Monster) an old favorite teacher of Aena's (she denies this)
  • Gabriel- (Young Pest) ruler of heaven, general annoyance
  • Gaffe- son of the current Gabriel 
  • Kinry- fourth son, a scholar died in an accident
  • Lyciel- Lacie, current General, adopted child
  • Riziel- Rizy, the youngest daughter, named archangel posthumously, KIA by Blackie
  • Silizy- Third son, died in an accidental explosion that caused at least half of heaven to be permanently deaf in various degrees.
  • Tavliel- head of the relations department, En's husband
Original Archangels

There are 20 Archangels at a time, 14 were originally named

  1. Aenaziel-Archangel of Suffering, head of Main Army
  2. Anabiel- Archangels of Wisdom, head of the Counsel 
  3. Elijial- Archangels of Innocence, head of Medical Department
  4. Gabriel- Archangels of Protection, head of Heaven
  5. Raphael- Archangels of Fire, head of smithies
  6. Sevriel- Archangels of Thunder, head of the 2nd Army
  7. Tavliel- Archangels of Kindness, head of  Diplomacy
  8. Uriel- Archangels of Peace, head of the Main Office


  • Babaris- Blackie, Bar-Bar, the Black General, retired
  • Bargrl- Three, Quenloc's daughter
  • Davri- a half-wraith boy 
  • Grakel- Duke, a rock with a bad personality, retired
  • Jevren- Next Demon Lord, if he survives to adulthood 
  • Luciren- Old Demon Lord, retired
  • Pelk- head of diplomacy
  • Olven- Duke, attached to diplomatic department
  • Quenloc- Duke, attached to army, Blackie's student
  • Revelri- Demon Lord, general nuisance, became Demon Lord after Luciren "retired" as he was the strongest who actually wanted the job
Other Races

Helgrif - Plant-like race who originate in the North-West. They like to travel.

Firtree - Small plant-like creatures who live in a specific pine forest in the North-East not too far off the coast close to the northern most part of the continent. Every few years the trees over-grow and die off, leaving the firtrees to set them ablaze and begin anew.

Merfolk - also (Sea-folk, the Maritime) Close allies of humans, they are commonly seen in and around ports.

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    Status: 32- long walk

    the most wholesome story about two people willing to commit arson for sport. The demon is actually the nicer of the two, while still being very much a demon.

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