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Reborn Online
Reborn Online
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Raishaun Inkosi was dying to play the hit VRMMORPG, Reborn Online. He eventually plays the game but little does he know the name Reborn means more than what he bargained for...

In this game, you don't get to choose your race or class. The system chooses that for you using your genes and brainwaves. Once complete, you are reborn with the race and occupation you were always meant to have.

I will be posting this story on Royal Road.

ActionAdventureFantasyIsekaiLitRPGMartial ArtsSci-fi
Army Building Battle Competition Beast Companions Beastkin Bloodlines Celebrities Cheats Clan Building Demon Lord Dungeon Master Eidetic Memory Elemental Magic Eye Powers Family Conflict Futuristic Setting Hiding True Identity
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