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Limited Options M15+ (One Shot)
Limited Options M15+ (One Shot)
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For the SSSC III contest, it is said to use one of the three prompts below with the theme of 'breaking from the mundane':

Bizarre Prompt:
"How to cook an egg"
the catch here is that authors must submit a fantasy version. Dark, humor, political, historical, tradgedy or however creative the author wants it to be.

Prompt: A person wakes up and they have a strange feeling that they lost something very very important -- but what did they lose? It seems like they can't remember.....

Prompt: A wizard fails his hero summoning and now he can't move his (insert body part here) . . . It turns out the hero's mind was transferred into the wizard's (insert body part here) . . . how will the hero slay the demon lord when he is the wizard's (insert boy part here)?

I decided to use all three prompts...

Based on 4k to 10k words

Beware! M15+! Content Warning!

Happy Reading! lol

Amnesia Dark Death Demon Lord Demons Fantasy World Gore Oneshot Saving the World Summoned Hero Wizards
  1. Limited OptionsMar 18, 2019
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