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/ Series / A Sojourn of a Transmigrated Housewife (ASTHW)
A Sojourn of a Transmigrated Housewife (ASTHW)
A Sojourn of a Transmigrated Housewife (ASTHW)
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4.3 (32 ratings)
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Total Views (All): 61,464
Total Views (Chapters): 41,332
Average Views:254
Word Count:310,307
Average Words:1,904
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      Status: chapter 50
      Apr 30, 2020

      Amazing world-building, character building, character interactions, food descriptions *winks etc.

      The author addresses very realistic problems, such as lack of clean water, lack of spare clothing, and how to deal with the problems left behind with her family, etc. For the novel to include the life of her family and how they respond to her absence, is something I have not commonly seen (I've read a lot of novels) and is done in a very reasonable manner.

      I love our MC, her personality, and how she responds to her situation is very admirable. She is adorable and not Op in a way that makes it unnatural. 

      The protagonist doesn't live in an enclosed world in which she only exists. Also, loving all the introduced characters so far, each with their own characteristics and personalities, none of the shallow cannon fodders that are only used once and the like. They don't solely depend on the protagonist (or vice versa), living their own lives. 

      There is a whole world out there, where people and animals continue living on. Reading this and finding out how the relationships will intercept is extremely interesting.

      Love the story so far, looking forward to more updates :D

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 85 – fishes around here didn’...
      Sep 3, 2019

      This is exactly my kind of novel. Slow and easy with no complicated plot, I'd say it like a hidden gem for me. Some may not like the pacing but I found it to be perfect. The descriptions of the setting allowed me to imagine my own world where Hana lives and I like the writing style very much. Binge read all of the chapters and felt happy and satisfied. This novel gives me all the warm feelings and fluffles I need to get through the day. Thank you for the chapters and keep the good work up! ❤

      Also I think there is a setting where you can link the notes about the words that's not native English directly to the word instead of putting it at the bottom. So the readers can click on the numbered note next to the word and see the description.

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c10
      Apr 11, 2019

      This novel needs work. Simply put, ASOATH is a mediocre novel, it actually has a great premise, but is definitely rushed, and needs more development.

      The main plot is about a woman named Hana, simple enough, and she's a nice Aunty who was minding her own business before the plot hit her like a train.


      From what I was able to decipher about the plot, she was somehow transmigrated into a wild territory after falling while getting her groceries. She tries to contact her parents on her phone, miraculously getting through, but finds it useless as she doesn't know where she is. She also mentions that her main way of survival during this time is remembering the advice of survival youtube videos.


      It's an eccentric plot... but it isn't horrible. 

      The reasons why I rate this story as "ok", is that the author needs a major improvement on English grammar -- mainly on the usage of tense, point of view, and verb usage. This is most likely a problem stemming from English being a second or even third language, this is expressed by the author themselves when they note that this is a story to expose some of the cultural differences in Malaysia. And when it comes to the allusions towards this wonderful tropical country, the author can convey well to common slang or cultural references. 

      The story also needs more description, the imagery isn't vivid, and this could be a personal nit-pick of mine, but usually in more adventuristic novels that contain romance, the reader wants to be emerged into the story. But with how the story is written, it feels almost like a story outline... it's rushed and lacking a passion that I usually find in romantic dramas like this story is tagged in it's genres.

      If you are fine with reading, less than superbly structured novels, and prefer a short and simple synopsis-like writing style, then you might enjoy this story. However, personally I'd wait for the author to go back and edit some of their chapters or get a proofreader/ editor with English as their native language to assist with the writing of this novel.

      It's not bad, but its far from good.

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      3 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c0
      Aug 6, 2019

      A warm story of adventures of a sweet happy go lucky housewife in a fantasy forest full of sweet animals. A must read.

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      2 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: c94
      Nov 4, 2019

      When I read a story, 2 things must happen.

      1. It must have a cohesive story line

      2. The characters must be interesting and worth investing time into knowing.

      Of course you can have both and still suck, but thankfully this isn't like that, Our MC is just a regular human with various life experiences, that is thoughtfully added to the story, I found her character very endearing and relatable.

      Transported to another world via "unexplained forces" our MC a stay at home Mother of 2 finds herself in a strange place after doing some grocery shopping, the only tether she has is her phone that keeps her in contact with her Husband who slowly unravels the mystery of where she might be. Along the way she meets interesting ?pets?, as she tries to get back home.

      Often times you have transported characters, who have no attachment to the world they were born in, there is very little sentiment or willingness to return if options aren't available, or the life they build there is more appealing.

      There is a story that connects these 2 worlds without lessening the impact at the cost of the other, both are relevant, both have meaning. I enjoy the interactions of each character, from the Husband and Wife, to the stranded MC struggling to make her life work far from home with the help of her Adorable companions.

      There is much to love and enjoy in this story as you journey with her to explore a world a bit different from her own. I am currently up to chapter 94, my review may change as I read further, but currently I am enjoying this thoroughly, if you have not read it and are turned off by the 3.7 rating, it is just as good as any of the isekai types on novel updates, in many cases even better, give it a try and see if it is worth the time for yourself :)

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      1 Likes · Like Permalink
      Status: chapter 49 – shiro’s little garden
      Jul 7, 2020

      Very nice and interesting story to read so far.

      Love the MC, her personality, and adorableness but most importantly MC not an OP character😉.

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