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Tree of Yggdrasil
Tree of Yggdrasil
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A Land of Myths and Legends.

It has been far too long since the Age of Humanity has come and gone, the only evidence of those times being ruins and relics, left over from a past shrouded in mystery.

In the center of the Human Continent, there exists a Tree, the origin of all the monsters and of humanity’s downfall. Yet, humans prevail, rising from the ashes every time.

Countries rise and fall, struggling in an endless cycle of conquest and bloodshed. Yet still they pray to the source of their misfortune, the Tree of Yggdrasil, hoping to be granted one of its miracles.

It has been centuries since the Tree has blessed a being. Only a select few in the past were able to receive its grace, bringing about a new form of power to the world and transcending humanity.

These beings, having created brand new lands of their own, are known as paragons of their own species, yet they are all cursed in one way or another.

Once again, humanity is rising, yet their growth brings about misfortune to all who surround them.

Those forsaken even by their own races face death, persecution and loneliness.

And yet, the Tree keeps its silence.

Until now…

*Credit for the cover goes to Darkhikarii at DeviantArt, if you want it taken down, please message me.

Army Character Growth Coming of Age Demi-Humans Fallen Nobility Fantasy Creatures Fantasy World Genius Protagonist Gods Kingdom Building Lost Civilizations Magic Male Protagonist Mature Protagonist Medieval Military Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest Ruthless Protagonist Strategic Battles Sword And Magic Wars Weak to Strong Wizards World Travel World Tree
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